Is There A Problem With Canva Right Now? Canva Releases A Fix For The Website’s Download Difficulties

On Wednesday afternoon, people who used the editing platform Canva said that it wasn’t working right.

Users couldn’t download pictures or designs from the website.

Down Detector says that problems started around 2 p.m., when users said they couldn’t download from the website.

Several places in the UK, like London, Manchester, and Birmingham, reported problems.

Most of the reported problems were with the website (95%), while only 5% were with the app.

Is Canva down?

People asked the editing platform on Twitter if there were any problems.

One person wrote: “@canva I can’t save any pictures. Is your website offline?”

Someone else wrote: “@canva: Is your network down? I can’t download.”

“#canvadown oof, I can’t download designs from @canva,” said a third.

Canva fixes website problems when people try to download content

Canva has tweeted a picture of an error message to inform users that the company is aware of the problem.

It said, “We’re working on fixing things right now, and everything should be fine soon.” Check for new information. Sorry to bother you!”

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