Italy PM’s Friend Killed In An Open Fire On Condo Meeting In Rome, 2 Others Died Too

Authorities in Italy detained a 57-year-old man on Sunday who is suspected of opening fire on a group of people gathered at a bar in Rome and murdering three ladies, among them the friend of the prime minister of the European Union.

Following the shooting on Sunday morning in Fidene, a town outside of Rome, Italy, the guy, named Claudio Campiti, was detained and charged, according to state-owned Rai News.

Elisabetta Silenzi, 55, Nicoletta Golisano, 50, and Sabine Sperandio, 71, have been named as the three murdered women. At least four other people, one of whom was critically hurt, were hurt during the incident.

Giorgia Meloni, the prime minister, characterized Golisano as a “sincere and discrete friend,” a strong and vulnerable woman, and a protective mother.

But more than anything, Meloni said in a statement, “she was a professional with an exceptional sense of duty.” She arrived there on a Sunday morning out of a sense of duty, but a man was waiting for her to kill her and two other ladies.

An argument over an apartment apparently led to the shooting.

The weapon used to kill her buddy was taken from a shooting range and has since been seized by police, according to Meloni, who also noted that the suspect had previously been denied a weapons license.

She declared, “The concept of justice can never be equated to this story. “Because dying in this manner is wrong.

She said, “Nicoletta was gorgeous and joyful.” She will always be gorgeous and joyful in my eyes.

According to Ria News, Campiti’s gun jammed, and witnesses tackled him to stop the shooting.

According to the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office, Campiti has been charged with three charges of murder, according to the Ansa news agency.

Campiti allegedly fired seven to eight shots during the shooting while also having more than 155 rounds in his possession, according to the prosecution.

According to the report, the suspect also had his passport, extra clothing, and roughly $6,300.

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