Jennifer Garner Dating: Is He A CEO Of CaliBurger?

Many others are wondering who Jennifer Garner may be seeing at the moment. Join me and have a look if you’re curious. Online encyclopedias and cinema databases like IMDb and Wikipedia provide detailed accounts of her connection. This article takes a look at the most recent Jennifer Garner relationship statistics. You should give it some time and give it another read after the dust has settled.

Reason For Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck Break Up!

Reason For Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck Break Up!

Ben Affleck may be sad about splitting up with Jennifer Garner, but she seemed happy with her new boyfriend, John Miller.

After two years together, the CaliGroup CEO “very much” wanted to marry the actress, a source exclusively told Us Weekly in January 2020. Seven months later, though, the Us announced that the couple had split amicably.

Following a short breakup, a source told Us in May 2021 that Jennifer Garner and Miller were “back on.”

Garner and Affleck were married for ten years before they divorced in 2015. They told us then, “After much deliberation and careful consideration, we have decided to divorce. Our children’s privacy is essential to us, and we ask that you respect that as we progress as friends and loving parents. This concludes our discussion of a personal family topic. I appreciate your patience.

Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel are the children of their former spouses. A source told Us in July 2016 that Affleck “feels like he can’t live without Jen.” The person claimed they would be together if it were up to Ben.

Affleck has spoken openly about the anguish of his divorce since it was finalized in October 2018.

This divorce is my biggest regret,” the Way Back actress told The New York Times in February 2020. The effects of shame are pretty harmful. Shame never yields a beneficial result. It’s just boiling over with a toxic, disgusting mixture of poor self-worth and self-loathing.

Being transparent about his addiction issues, Affleck acknowledged that his drinking had worsened.

When my marriage began to break apart, I turned to alcohol for comfort. Those years were 2015 and 2016; he informed the press. “Of course, my drinking led to even more issues in my marriage.”

Affleck has previously said he would “want to go back and fix things about his marriage” during an appearance on Good Morning America the same month.

He said, “I’ve made my fair share of blunders, both major and little.” I wish to alter the course of history and make several changes, but that is impossible.

Later, Affleck dated Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Shookus on and off from 2017 to 2019. He was also briefly linked to Playboy model Shauna Sexton before he began his whirlwind romance with Ana de Armas. They tied the knot in July of 2022.

Keep reading to find out everything about the relationship between Garner and Miller.

Jennifer Garner Dating: Is She In Love With John Miller?

Currently, Jennifer Garner Dating John Miller

Miller and  Jennifer Garner reportedly have feelings for one another. A source told Us in December 2018 that “they are stronger than ever.” They are deeply in love with one another. Jen looks up to John because he is so ordinary.

In the words of another insider: Jennifer appreciates that he’s not in the entertainment scene and is just a plain person.”

Are They Planning Marriage?

Their kids reportedly met, but things between them are progressing slowly. A January 2020 source shared, “Jen seems exceedingly content and blissfully delighted.” John “really, really, really wants to get married to her,” but he also “knows she can’t be rushed.”

An informant told Us in October 2021 that the couple’s friends are anticipating an engagement shortly. According to the source, “Jen and John are serious.” They’ve decided to spend the rest of their lives together. They’ve been on the fence about this for quite some time.

According to the insider, Miller’s life outside Hollywood has greatly benefited Garner. “She feels safe and secure with John, who is unlike anybody else she has ever dated,” the insider said of Jen. He’s successful on his own merits, and she adores his levelheaded outlook on life. Jen had found the steady, grounded companion she had been looking for in John.

The Relationship Between John And His Ex:  Is Their Marriage Legal?

The Relationship Between John And His Ex:  Is Their Marriage Legal?

When John’s ex-Miller began meeting John’s current girlfriend, Garner, he was legally married to his now ex-wife, Caroline Campbell. A former couple with two children got back together in February 2012 after initially breaking up in June 2011. In October 2014, they re-filed for divorce.

An exclusive November 2018 Us report revealed that Miller and Campbell’s divorce had been formalized. A source told Us in August 2019 that “John and Jen are in comparable positions in their life and can connect to raising kids after a divorce.” They agree and know the current situation.

How Does John Feel About Ben?

John’s unwavering love and support have helped Jen through the challenges she’s had due to her ex-husband Ben Affleck‘s sobriety. He’s not jealous and gets Jen’s dedication to supporting Ben, a source told Us in November 2018.

One of Affleck’s friends told Us that John Miller is a positive influence on him. In August of this year, an insider revealed, “Jen having a boyfriend has been the nicest thing to happen to Ben and Jen in a long time.” If you ask Ben, he likes John just fine. Children of Jen and Ben have played with [John’s daughters] on multiple occasions. Ben has complete confidence in him.

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