Jewelry And Cash Worth $500,000 Stolen By Thieves In Jersey City

In a violent smash-and-grab robbery that left the staff of a jewelry store in New Jersey frightened for their lives, a group of robbers seized cash and gems valued at $500,000 from the establishment.

Just after 4:30 on Sunday, the crime occurred at the Sara Jewelry store on Newark Avenue in Jersey City, according to police. The attackers forced their way inside and ordered everyone to get on the ground, which the victims can still hear in their minds, even though there were three employees and five customers (including a toddler) present at the time.

According to employee Zanib Rieaz, “He was just shouting “bow down” to everyone.

The five hooded assailants broke cases and shattered glass while stealing gold and jewelry. The wife of the store owner stated that it looked the robbery had been organized. Also, read about TB Joshua Cause Of Death

Along with $20,000 in cash, the guys are accused of stealing 22-carat gold bracelets, earrings, and jewel-encrusted necklaces. Rieaz claimed that one of the robbers attacked her after believing she had pressed a panic button, and the events that followed made her feel fortunate to be alive.

She recalled, “When he threatened, ‘Open it or I will shoot you,’ I recognized he had a pistol.

The owner claimed that the thieves stole $500,000 worth of jewels and cash in under two minutes. In addition, he said that the broken cameras inside made the situation worse and that he lacks insurance.

Owner Waheed Akbary stated, “No insurance for any of the product…we never anticipated [that would happen] because the street is safe, always officers here.”

He is hoping that police can find the perpetrators who were last seen scurrying into two automobiles before driving away.

Akbary remarked, “They grab everything in the blink of an eye and there is nothing you can do about it.

Employees claimed that there had been two previous jewelry store robberies on the street in recent years, making this one not the first.

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