Kanye West Voice Generated by A.I. Raps Over New Hit-boy Beat

The voice of Kanye West singing over a new Hit-Boy beat has been made by artificial intelligence and posted online.

Hit-Boy posted a video of himself listening to an updated version of “2 Certified” starring Avelino from his new solo album, Surf or Drown, on Instagram on April 11. A casual user might think that the Grammy-winning rapper and producer got Kanye West to join in on a remix, but that’s not at all the case. Ye’s voice was made entirely by artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

In the Instagram video below, a shocked Hit-Boy seems to lose his mind as he listens to Kanye West rap the chorus to “2 Certified,” a song whose music and words he wrote and performed himself for his new album, King’s Disease.

Hit-Boy wrote in the video’s description, “AI is going crazy.” “@kanyewest rapping about 2 certified sounds too crazy.”

“I’m going to need all the amenities,” the fake Kanye West says to start the verse, stealing bars from Hit-Boy. “You made a little paper, I went at their neck and made history/Dumbin’ out on my own beats, hot like I threw ’em in grease/The one, not the two or the three/I’m watching the numbers rise.”

What is Hit-Boy Heard Shouting?

As Hit-Boy is heard shouting “That s**t is crazy,” the not-so-easily distinguishable fugazi version of Ye continues: “We gotta pray for the hood/Pimpin’ charges, bro got stories, damn, I hate he got booked/I never looked down on my brothers, I only gave ’em looks/Twenty-one gang, we truly in line/Shawty be on me, she love when I slide/Doin’ too much, that can ruin the vibe/I’m playin’ the cut, we too certified (Yeah).”

Hit-Boy seems to love the fact that technology in 2023 will let another famous rapper and producer make copies of his own music, but not everyone in the hip-hop world feels the same way. Last week, Jay-Z’s personal recording engineer, Young Guru, spoke out against A.I. technology, saying, “We have to protect the rights of the artist.” He said this after hearing a deep fake song with a fake line from Hov.

Below, Hear an Artificially-generated Version of Kanye West Rapping to Hit-boy’s Latest Instrumental

Back in August of 2022, the first A.I.-made rapper to sign with a big record label was FN Meka. But the deal with Capitol Records fell apart after just two days because FN Meka’s creators and the record company got a lot of negative feedback about the use of the N-word in the lyrics.

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