Kari Lake’s Campaign Receives’suspicious’ White Powder Mail

On Saturday, “strange white powder” was delivered to the Arizona Republican contender for governor’s campaign offices.

A representative for Kari Lake’s campaign informed CNN that a member of her team in Phoenix had accessed white power after opening an envelope containing the substance.

Kari Lake's Campaign Receives'suspicious' White Powder Mail
Kari Lake’s Campaign Receives’suspicious’ White Powder Mail

A law enforcement official familiar with the inquiry told CNN that items discovered during the probe will be sent to an Arizona laboratory for analysis. According to the source, the FBI’s Quantico laboratory has not received any proof.

The two packages were “given to specialists at Quantico for analysis,” a spokeswoman for the Lake campaign, Colton Duncan, said CNN via text message earlier on Sunday.

Later on Sunday, Lake told reporters that her campaign had been informed the suspicious package was being sent to Quantico for analysis, but that “apparently there’s a nearby lab and that’s where they really delivered the stuff, so we’re going to find out what it was.”

In an email to CNN, Phoenix police said they had responded to a “property report” at the intersection of 40th Street and Camelback Road.

A suspicious package was found in the mail when police arrived. Sgt. Phil Krynsky said on CNN that more forces were sent to gather the goods and protect the area. As of this writing, no injuries have been reported, and the investigation is still ongoing.

This past Sunday, Lake’s group issued a statement saying they were taking the “threat tremendously seriously” and appreciating the investigation being conducted by the police. According to Duncan, the employee is now undergoing medical observation.

In the meanwhile, know that we are more determined than ever and will not take any nonsense from you. The campaign to win Tuesday’s election is on at full speed, Duncan added.

Extremist rage and threats against political and electoral authorities have been widespread in Arizona. Democratic and Republican leaders have both been targeted by these types of threats.

“These are perilous times. This is not the first time we’ve been threatened, Lake said to reporters during a campaign event in Queen Creek.

It’s bad that this is occurring, but we’ll find out who’s behind it and why; I don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but I do want investigators to look into it.

Current Arizona Secretary of State and Democrat Katie Hobbs has spoken out against the abuse of Lake and her staff, calling it “very worrisome.”

The use of physical force, threats, or intimidation in politics has no place in a democratic society, Hobbs added. The intimidating conduct against Lake and her team has my strongest condemnation.

A break-in occurred at Hobbs’ campaign headquarters at the end of last month. Police claimed the guy had broken into at least one other workplace in the area around the time of his arrest. There was no evidence provided by police linking the suspect to any political ideology.

Mark Kelly, a Democrat representing Arizona in the Senate, described the event as “terrible” on Sunday.

At a Tucson campaign rally, Kelly told CNN, “There is no place in our democracy for anything like that.” But there’s no need for us to, or for anybody else to, do anything of the like. It’s not right at all. Hopefully, authorities will launch an investigation, identify the perpetrator(s), and bring them to justice.


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