Lawyer Whose License Was Revoked After a Complaint From His Father Was Arrested for His Murder

A lawyer in Florida who was accused of stealing from his family’s trust fund has now been charged with killing his father.

Brandon Labiner, who is 34 years old, was charged with first-degree murder with a gun on Monday for killing his lawyer’s father, Paul Labiner.

A press release from the Boca Raton police department said that Labiner’s body was found in the building where his law business was based.

Brandon Labiner has not yet made a plea, and when HuffPost asked his lawyer for a comment, he did not answer.

The 68-year-old Labiner was found in a pool of blood in the stairwell of the building’s parking area on Saturday, according to a probable cause statement that HuffPost got with a lot of blanks crossed out. At the scene, he was said to be dead.

Police said he was shot four times: once in the upper chest, twice in the lower body, and once in the head.

Authorities say that security footage from inside the parking garage shows a man riding a bicycle, taking a gun out of a drawstring backpack, and confronting the victim in a “scuffle” before leaving the frame.

The next day, the police found Brandon Labiner. He was locked in a building about 3 miles away from where the crime happened.

Labiner was taken into custody without a problem after crisis managers spoke with his lawyer. Labiner had a warrant out for his arrest for DUI in a different county.

During a search of his office, police said they found a backpack with a drawstring, a bike that looked like the one in the surveillance tape, and a gun that looked like the one that killed Paul Labiner.

Court papers filed with the Florida State Bar say that Brandon Labiner was a personal injury lawyer before his license to practice law was taken away in April. He used to work at his father’s law business. His father filed a bar complaint against him, saying that he stole money and changed documents.

Labiner is accused of stealing almost $450,000 from his family’s trust between June and August 2022. He is said to have forged bank papers to make it look like his father sent the money illegally to a law firm’s account.

WPTV says that Paul Labiner also sued his son over the claimed theft of money from the trust.

According to WPTV, the suit from 2022 said that Brandon Labiner had hurt his father in a fight at the law company.

“Brandon’s bad work ethic and poor performance as a plaintiff’s attorney caused the number of cases to drop sharply to what Plaintiff believes is not more than a handful of good cases,” the suit said.

Monday, Brandon Labiner went to court. He was told he couldn’t talk to the victim’s family, who are also his family and was ordered to be held without bond, WPTV said.

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