City officials have had enough of exhibition crashes, and an eyewitness says why

City officials have had enough of exhibition crashes, and an eyewitness says why: Alabama’s Birmingham (WIAT) — An exhibition driving collision that left 13 people hospitalized, nine of them critically, is still under investigation.

A witness told CBS42 that a red charger was performing donuts when it lost control and crashed on John Rogers Drive. Birmingham’s authorities have said that enough is enough after a second serious accident involving exhibition driving this year.

On Friday night, spectators gathered to see drivers perform burnouts, donuts, and speed races.

A witness who saw the accident happen in front of his very eyes, Drake, stated, “We saw a red charger doing some doughnuts and everything, and people racing, and then just out of nowhere the charger lost entire control.” “It slammed into a car right here, sending all the other cars down the road,” the witness said.

Drake claimed to have seen both the horrific injuries sustained by the victims as well as the collision. “Under the charger, I saw a woman crushed.” Added Drake. A man with part of his leg torn open and several other persons lying on the ground back there.

City officials claim that exhibition driving has been a persistent issue all across Birmingham. A 14-year-old child and a woman were both killed in July and August as a result of participation in this criminal activity.

We will continue to see the same results we have over the past year, according to District 2 Birmingham City Councilor Hunter Williams, if this spreads throughout the neighborhood and within our community.

Councilor Williams’ district was the site of last night’s collision. He claims that the key to ending exhibition driving is police enforcement.

“We need to do everything we can to ensure that not only those who are physically driving the vehicles, but also those who are participating as spectators be prosecuted because it is wrong and it is having a detrimental effect on our community as a whole,” said Councilor Williams.

A bill that would outlaw exhibition driving and punish individuals who engage in it with jail time, fines and the loss of their driving privileges may be taken up by lawmakers during the upcoming legislative session in March, according to Councilor Williams.

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