Long Beach Man Drives to Utah to Kill Brother, Set Fire to His Home Before Dying in Police Shootout

Authorities say a guy from Long Beach travelled to Utah, where he killed his brother and set fire to his house before engaging in a shootout with law enforcement. Weber County Law Enforcement has named the suspect as 66-year-old Jeffrey Roberts. Roberts allegedly traveled to North Ogden, Utah with the goal of murdering his brother Scott, according to investigators.

The fatal shooting and the tumultuous minutes that followed were captured on tape by doorbell cameras and police body cameras. Scott Roberts and his wife Jodi were reportedly enjoying supper at 7:10 p.m. on April 27 when Jeffrey showed up at their door.

Scott’s Ring doorbell camera records the moment his brother Jeffrey pulls out a gun and fires it during a heated argument with their other sibling. Scott and his wife both sound like they’re about to lose it. After retrieving a shotgun and other goods from his car, Jeffrey Roberts is observed leaving the house and returning.

After hearing gunshots, nearby residents alerted the police. The police came just as Jeffrey started torching his brother’s house with road flares. The footage doesn’t show their arrival, but police claim he opened fire on them as soon as they arrived, and they returned fire, killing him.

It was discovered that Roberts had a 9mm pistol with 23 fully filled magazines in his hands. It was discovered that he had a 12-gauge shotgun and 150 shells in a sack around his waist. Shot many times, Scott Roberts was pronounced dead at the scene. According to KTLA’s sibling station KTVX, Jodi was also shot and is still in the hospital.

Aerial footage revealed the extent of the fire’s destruction, including the collapse of the roof. The Weber County Sheriff’s Office has not yet determined what led up to the murder. Kelsey, Scott and Jodi’s daughter, has started a GoFundMe campaign to help with medical expenses.

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She says that Jeffrey Roberts is her father’s distant brother in the letter. She believed it was her dad who had prevented the death of her mom. “My mom is alive because my dad fought my uncle and told my mom to run. Knowing that my dad died a hero is bringing us a small bit of comfort,” she wrote.

She continued by saying that her mother lost everything—including her clothing—in the blaze. Jodi Roberts’s daughter has written that all donations would be put toward helping her mother get her life back on track. You can watch the video of the interaction with the cops here. Some people may find the video upsetting.

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