Love Victor Season 4: Renewed or Cancelled?

Love, Victor, directed by This Is Us scribes Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, has never failed to move viewers since it premiered in 2020.

Two years later and the series has returned for its long-awaited third season, finally providing us answers regarding who the titular Victor will wind up with after season 2’s cliffhanger left the core love triangle well and completely unanswered.

But with the release of Love, Victor’s third installment came worries regarding the show’s future and whether a season 4 is on its way.

On June 15th, 2022, Disney+ and Hulu will have Love, Victor: Season 3 available.

A self-discovery trip awaits Victor after a cliffhanger season 2 conclusion in which he appeared to choose between Benji and Rahim, the protagonist’s two love interests.

That will not only help him determine who he wants to spend the rest of his life with, but it will also help him figure out what he wants to be in the future.

They encounter their worst set of obstacles yet as Victor and his pals near the conclusion of high school and must work through them even if that means some of their hearts are broken in the process.


Season 3 of Love, Victor is over, and there are currently no plans to bring the show back for a fourth season.

In July 2021, Hulu announced that Love, Victor would return for a third season, which was followed by the statement in February 2022 that the next season would also be the show’s final one.

To put it another way, the producers of Love, Victor have opted to wrap things up in season 3.

“I think the feeling for everyone was that we had portrayed the story we set out to tell,” Aptaker said in an interview with the RadioTimes. Victor’s trip has been broken up into three discrete chapters,” he says.

There’s nothing quite like a full-circle conclusion, says the man who commented.

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Season 3 will wrap up Victor’s voyage of self-discovery by the conclusion of the season, which may be disappointing to viewers, but it makes a lot of sense.

There was some good news in that Isaac Aptaker teased that more was “Always on the table” as he revealed that the ‘Love’ franchise isn’t quite over.

That’s why we enjoy high school stories,” he said. That was supposed to be our final high school project, but now we are ready to embark on a new one.” “However, it’s an opportune time.”

As a result, the stakes are extremely high. It’s a great moment in one’s life to chronicle. For three seasons and a movie, “It’s been an absolute joy to get to tell these stories, and I would never say no to doing it again.”


Love, Victor supporters have taken to social media to express their desire for the show to continue.

“Season 4 of Love, Victor is NOW!” exclaimed one Twitter user. Please, please, please! While I understand that this was supposed to be the final season, could you please reconsider?

As one fan put it: “I hope we get a fourth season of Love, Victor after this new season on Hulu because I don’t want this to stop.”

“I want to fight!” exclaimed one fervent supporter. Love, Victor seasons 4, 5, and 6 aren’t coming to our area!”

According to this admirer, “Season 3 should not be the last season.”

Season 4 should come, but not for a few years, according to one Twitter user: Many new tales can be added to “Love, Victor.” Season 4 is on my radar, but I don’t expect it any time soon. I’d rather they focus on an adult audience instead.

Last but not least, one admirer argued that the season 3 finale had the proper timing: “Finished Love, Victor season 3! There were some wonderful moments and developments in some characters, even though there were certain things I despised, but at the moment it feels like the weakest season. “However, the show had a fantastic full-circle finale.”

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