Mackenzie Scott Divorce Dan Jewett: Jeff Bezos Ex-Wife Divorced Her Second Husband

Mackenzie Scott Divorce Dan Jewett: The world was shocked when Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife Mackenzie Scott divorced the founder of “Amazon” after he was found to have cheated on her with her best friend. After divorcing Jeff Bezos in 2019, Mackenzie Scott cemented her place among the richest women in the world with the divorce settlement. Mackenzie Scott, who has a net worth of $27.9 billion, was excited to start a new chapter in her life.

She could enjoy the little things she missed now that she was remarried to Seattle schoolteacher Dan Jewett. The 52-year-old billionaire filed for divorce at the end of September, and since then, everyone has been speculating about what went wrong in their marriage. What has changed since Mackenzie Scott and Dan Jewett split up? Learn the specifics of Dan Jewett’s abrupt departure from Mackenzie Scott’s life.

Mackenzie Scott Divorce Dan Jewett

Only one year had passed since the couple’s wedding when they decided to dissolve their union. The divorce papers from Dan Jewett were filed by Mackenzie Scott. Since Jewett’s name is no longer listed in Mackenzie Scott’s group, which attempts to motivate affluent people to donate the majority of their income, things are quickly getting out of hand.

Additionally, Scott took legal steps to have her second husband’s name removed from the Amazon author bio. All of the photos she had taken with him and posted on social media were removed. the divorce becomes a very real thing.

Despite the amount of wealth involved, the divorce is anticipated to be “very ordinary and vanilla,” according to lawyer David Glass. David, a family lawyer, was the one who took charge of and oversaw all the documents before submitting them to the King County Superior Court in Washington State. Furthermore, a prenuptial agreement wasn’t present.

Glass said, “Under Washington law, a separation contract is when you tell your husband, ‘We’re getting divorced and we can sort out all the specifics ourselves. Let’s put everything down in writing and just tell the court that we have it all figured out. And that is what they did in this case.

None of the parties are represented by David Glass. The former couple has legal representation to present their case.

But when things begin to calm down, we sincerely hope that Mackenzie Scott and Dan Jewett will once more experience serenity in their lives.

When Did Mackenzie Scott Meet Dan Jewett?

The philanthropist spent 25 years with Jeff Bezos as a husband. After the stunning breakup with the billionaire, she fell in love once more with Dan Jewett, a teacher. For years, the media covered her affair.

When Did Mackenzie Scott Meet Dan Jewett?
When Did Mackenzie Scott Meet Dan Jewett?

Scott first met Jewett at Lakeside School where she taught chemistry to high school pupils. This Seattle-based private academic school is incredibly distinguished and elitist. Furthermore, Scott’s children attend the same school. This well-known school has educated even Bill Gates, and its tuition costs about US $40,000 per year.

They got hitched later in March 2021 and began building their own family. However, Jewett was forced to continue working following his well-publicized marriage. He thought it was challenging to continue doing his job while paying so much attention. It served more as a diversion.

Additionally, because he previously taught Scott’s kids, who later became his kids, other pupils will be put in a tough situation. Despite having enough money to settle anywhere, the couple remained in Seattle.

Currently, Mackenzie Scott’s divorce settlement had netted her a sizable wealth. She and Jeff Bezos had four lovely children. Dan was excited to assist Scott in choosing the charity that would profit from her donation because Scott had decided to donate a large portion of her wealth to the poor after the divorce.

Scott and Jewett offered an update on the “Giving Pledge,” a campaign to encourage wealthy people to give a significant amount of their income to charity when they announced their happy union in a statement.

“And now, by a stroke of happy coincidence, I am married to one of the most giving and lovely individuals I know — and joining her in a pledge to pass on enormous financial riches to help others,” Jewett said at the time.

Even he wrote in a letter published through the Giving Pledge that he was “grateful for the great privilege it will be to collaborate in giving away assets with the potential to do so much good when shared” and that Dan was “appreciative for the opportunity.”

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