Man Accused Of Grasping A Black Man’s Neck

A criminal complaint was filed in Milwaukee County Circuit Court against a Wisconsin man for the misdemeanor offense of disorderly conduct after a video surfaced online purporting to show him holding a Black guy around the neck after an argument about the theft of a bicycle.

On Friday, the Milwaukee Police Department confirmed to ABC News that Robert Walczykowski, 62, had been charged in connection with the incident shown on camera.

Man Accused Of Grasping A Black Man's Neck
Man Accused Of Grasping A Black Man’s Neck

Walczykowsk, who is white, makes the accusation in the video, and Trevon Burks, who is Black, denies taking the bike from his friend’s yard.

Burks is seen on camera saying, “I didn’t touch it,” in response to Walczykowski’s charges.

The event, which occurred earlier this month, was caught on camera by an onlooker. An onlooker in the video reveals to Walczykowski that he is filming their interaction.

Walczykowski is heard on the video saying, “Go ahead, record me” as he looks to have a firm grip on Burks’ neck.

A bystander is heard saying, “Let go of his neck, he’s not going anywhere” in the clip.

According to the criminal complaint, Walczykowski let Burks go, and Burks departed the scene before police arrived.

Burks is not suspected of stealing the bicycle, and Milwaukee police have not said whether or not he will be charged in connection with the dispute.

WISN, an ABC affiliate in Milwaukee, reports that Burks’ family has said he suffers developmental difficulties. Tracey Burks claimed at a news conference, as reported by WISN, that her kid didn’t do anything illegal and that she wanted [Walczykowsk] to pay for what he did.

When ABC News requested response from Walczykowski and his lawyer, neither party promptly responded.

Since the video went viral, neighbors have gathered outside Walczykowski’s home to express their outrage and wave “Black Lives Matter” banners in response to the event. On other films, people give Burks presents like bicycles.

As evidenced by filings made in court, Walczykowski’s first appearance in court is scheduled for November 2.

According to ABC News’s sources, the Milwaukee Police Department has indicated that the case would be transferred to the District Attorney’s office in Milwaukee County. Despite ABC News’ request for comment, the district attorney’s office has not yet provided a response.


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