Man Arrested For Assault After Reportedly Shoving Cake In The Victim’s Face

The Richmond Police Department (RPD) was called to the intersection of Fourth Street and Moberly in Richmond at 4:10 p.m. on January 5 in reference to a possible domestic violence complaint.

A police officer spoke with Joseph Callahan, a homeless man who acknowledged to the officer that he had argued verbally with the victim. The officer saw dried blood on Callahan’s neck and scratch marks, but Callahan claimed the marks were caused by stepping in weeds.

According to police records, the victim claimed to have been hurt by Callahan shoving cake in her face and that she had scratched his neck while trying to flee when he wouldn’t get out of her face.

The victim had cake and icing in her hair, as well as a red mark under her eye where Callahan is said to have struck her.

While denying a physical altercation, Callahan is said to have acknowledged to throwing cake in the victim’s face.

Callahan was accused of assault in the fourth degree.

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