Man Charged In Maryland For Indecent Exposure

According to the Greenbelt police department, a guy was taken into custody on Tuesday morning and charged with indecent exposure for allegedly exposing himself at a park located in the Greenbelt region.

A guy who is suspected of being involved in “several indecent exposure occurrences at Buddy Attick Lake Park” was taken into custody by the police after two women called to report that he had exposed his genitalia in public about 9 a.m., according to a statement released by the police.

The man escaped the park before the officers arrived, but detectives were able to locate and stop the vehicle using a description of the car and driver that was provided by a caller a short time later.

The police stated that the individual found inside had been “positively recognized,” although they did not elaborate on how this was accomplished.

Jamie Lee White, age 45, a resident of Hyattsville, was named by police as the man who was taken into custody.

A photo that was supplied by the police is a match for a photo that was previously released of Jamie White, who is the dean of students at Bancroft Elementary School, which is located in Northwest Washington.

Officials with the District of Columbia Public Schools did not confirm his identity or comment on the allegations, but they did issue a statement that read: “While we cannot comment on personnel or personal matters of employees, we can share that this employee has been placed on leave as of November 29.”

On Wednesday, our attempts to get in touch with White were fruitless.

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