Man Killed Outside Navy Yard Metro Station

Man Killed Outside Navy Yard Metro Station: Just outside the Navy Yard Metro station’s entrance, a man was shot and murdered on Saturday, according to the police.

Around 8 o’clock in the evening, D.C. police were called to the scene. As police conducted their investigation, numerous roadways in Navy Yard were sealed off.

The victim’s identity has not been made public.

A local resident expressed his sadness and disappointment after witnessing yet another act of violence in the Navy Yard.

“It appears that the area is a little bit riskier, particularly now. My daughter is my child. We recently had a baby. I thus consider her as well as her safety,” he stated. “You try to avoid that block over there. You don’t go there as frequently as you used to, though not always.

Police have not said what caused the shooting or whether it was intentional. They have also withheld any information regarding a potential suspect.

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