Manhunt Continues for the Shooters Who Killed a Pregnant Woman and Injured a Man in Washington, DC

Authorities in Washington, D.C., have reported that a pregnant lady was shot and murdered, and her baby is in serious condition. A manhunt is underway for the perpetrators.

The shooting took place in the 300 block of 37th Street in the southeast at approximately 11:20 a.m. on Thursday, according to the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). Police have named the victim as Samya Gill, a 22-year-old from Fort Washington, who delivered birth and later died as a result of her wounds.

Police said that Gill and the man she was with were sitting in a parked car when another car drew up and two men with guns stepped out. Multiple shots were fired at the car, hitting Gill and the other man inside. The man’s wounds were not life-threatening, so he was treated and released.

The tweet below verifies the news:

This is a very bold move. It occurred in broad daylight, police assistant chief of patrol services Andre Wright told reporters at the site. Police say the culprits drove off in their vehicle, but surveillance footage catches them.

The shooting’s motivation has not been established by investigators. Wright said the gunshot looked to be “targeted” when detectives analyzed surveillance footage from the neighborhood. A pregnant woman from Washington state was shot and killed in her automobile at a Seattle traffic check just days before this shooting.

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