Megamouth Shark Off San Diego Captured On Film

Just 30 miles off the coast of San Diego, fishermen saw an unique species of shark. When a megamouth shark is spotted, it’s usually after a long absence.

When Val Costescu, David Stabile, and Andrew Chang went fishing early on a Sunday morning, they caught two megamouth sharks on camera swimming beneath their boat.

Megamouth Shark Off San Diego Captured On Film
Megamouth Shark Off San Diego Captured On Film

Chang, the owner of a modest fishing-equipment company, had little trouble identifying the endangered species.

“Right when we got close, he yelled out oh my god I think that’s a megamouth,” Stabile said to CBS 8.
The group of pals took their tape to Scripps Institution of Oceanography to verify their findings.

“I think with each person we were put in contact with, the gravity of things started to sink in with us that we had had an out-of-this-world unique experience,” Stabile said.

Even without counting the two in San Diego, there have only been 269 confirmed sightings of megamouths worldwide since 1976.

Alisa Schulmman-Janiger, a research associate at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, speculated on Facebook that the two sharks in the videos were a mating pair: the one in the second video had visible claspers and was a male with a damaged left pectoral fin, while the one in the first video was a scarred shark that could be a female.

To the best of the Museum of Florida’s knowledge, this was the first time ever that two megamouths were seen at the same time.