Men Convicted in 2004 Xbox Killings Face Death Penalty Resentencing Tuesday

Two guys who were found guilty of killing six people with a baseball bat because of an Xbox will be back in court on Tuesday.

Nearly 20 years after the mass killings, Troy Victorino and Jerone Hunter will get new sentences.

In 2004, they were found guilty of the killings and given the death penalty.

But in 2017, their sentences were overturned because of a change in Florida law that said juries must agree unanimously on the death punishment.

The tweet below confirms the news:

On Tuesday morning, they will go back to court for the penalty part of their second trial.

The retrial is not about whether or not Victorino and Hunter are guilty. Instead, it is about how they will pay for their crimes.

Investigators found out that Victorino and Hunter broke into a house in Deltona in 2004 to get an Xbox game system.

Victorino was kicked out of the house.

Court records show that Victorino and Hunter killed six people inside the house by beating them and stabbing them.

Two people who helped with the crime are now in jail for life.

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A change to the law that Gov. Ron DeSantis made just a few weeks ago could put Victorino and Hunter on death row.

Under the new rule, a jury no longer has to agree on a death case like this one.

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