Midnight Gospel Season 2 Release Date Status Confirmed Or Cancelled? [2022 Updated]

The Midnight Gospel, the latest series from Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward, takes viewers on an even more surreal journey than the previous installments. Clancy, a young spacecaster, interviews extra-dimensional beings as their worlds are destroyed by a psychedelic apocalypse in Netflix’s psychedelic offering. So it’s just a typical cartoon.

Amidst all of the weird and wonderful visuals, the interviews are much more restrained. Conversations about spirituality and the meaning of life are drawn from Duncan Trussell’s real-life podcast, which is a surreal and beautiful clarity.

The Midnight Gospel’s unique perspective and cliffhanger finale have piqued the interest of fans, but will the show be renewed for a second season?

Midnight Gospel Season 2 Storyline

This season of The Midnight Gospel had some overarching storylines that led to what might have been Clancy’s death.

He wakes up in a new world, reunited with his fellow space cast guests who died before him, after the police shoot Clancy and knock him out. In response to his question, they told him to “just be here now” and wished him well. A second season of The Midnight Gospel could still follow Clancy’s journey into the afterlife, where he would have new discussions about the nature of existence.

On the question of what happened at the end of season one, Trussell provided a lengthy response in keeping with his podcast style. In the meantime, here’s a snippet that seems most relevant to the show itself:

“To me, the most appealing aspect of the simulation theory is that it raises the question of whether or not we, as living beings, exist in any way. Is anyone still here? What’s the truth about this? There are many ways in which this may be the case. So, to answer your question, I can only say that I’m stumped.”

Midnight Gospel Season 2 Cast

First-season guests on The Midnight Gospel included Damien Echols of the West Memphis Three fame. There’s a good chance that past guests like Supergirl actor Mehcad Brooks won’t appear again, but there is a slew of new ones who could.

It began in 2013, and since then, there have been almost 400 episodes of Duncan Trussell Family Hour, so there’s plenty of material for multiple seasons if Netflix decides to keep the show going beyond a second season.

Midnight Gospel Season 2 Cast
Midnight Gospel Season 2 Cast

Midnight Gospel Season 2  Released Date Confirmed Cancelled

Over the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed many productions. When predicting the release date, we need to take that into account. Once The Midnight Gospel Season 2 is approved this year, it could be released as early as 2023.

Midnight Gospel Season Offical Teaser

Here is given the Offical Trailer of the Season ” Midnight Gospel”

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