Missing Georgia Mom Imani Roberson’s Husband Charged with Murder

The body of a missing Georgia mother of four, who had been missing for over two weeks, was found on Friday, according to local authorities. Her husband stands accused of killing her.

At a press conference on Saturday, Rockdale County Sheriff Eric Levett said that Donell Anderson had been detained and charged in connection with Imani Roberson’s disappearance and death.

Roberson and her two children were last seen on July 16 in Atlanta, on the way home from supper at their grandmother’s house. Clarine Andujar-White, her mother, tried to get in touch with her several times the following day but heard nothing back. Andujar-White traveled to Conyers, a city about 24 miles east of Atlanta, to check in on her daughter, but she found the house deserted when she arrived.

The tweet below verifies the news:

After Andujar-White reported Roberson missing on July 17, authorities began their hunt for him that day. After investigating the house, investigators became suspicious; the sheriff later stated, “It was clear that foul play was evident in the disappearance of Imani.”

The sheriff’s office claims that there was blood all over Roberson’s house and other locations. After more than a week, Roberson’s burned-out automobile was discovered. By the time K-9s recovered her body on a Friday, the authorities were prepared to press charges against her husband.

When that body was found, it was our mission, especially mine, to make sure that we could convince our judges and/or DA’s office that we have enough evidence to secure a warrant and to get him off the street,” said Levett.

Missing Georgia Mom Imani Roberson's Husband Charged with Murder

Public documents from Rockdale County, Georgia, Anderson has been charged with first-degree murder, second-degree murder, and aggravated assault, as well as carrying a firearm while committing or attempting a felony.

While the sheriff’s office said Anderson would eventually hire his own attorney, he was initially represented in court by a public defender on Sunday morning. Requests for reaction from the public were not immediately met with a response from the Rockdale County Public Defender’s office.

Levett “assured” reporters that the investigation into the case was ongoing and that more arrests will be made. During the press conference, both of Roberson’s parents gave statements. “Late last night, my worst fears were confirmed, and our family is devastated,” said Andujar-White.

See this post from the California Examiner for more on recent events in the United States:

Roberson’s father, Ronald Acklin, broke down in tears during the news conference, despite his earlier assurances that he was emotionally ready to hear the news of his daughter’s death because it was not the first time he had experienced such a tragedy. “I’ve made my peace with it,” he said.

During the seminar, Levett highlighted the risks of domestic abuse and encouraged victims to speak up. “If there’s anyone that’s out here that is involved in a toxic relationship, whether you are receiving mental abuse, verbal abuse, or physical abuse it is not worth keeping quiet and we need for you to step out and say something so we can end such tragedies like this,” said Levett.

These are four kids now without a mother and unfortunately now without a father.” Levett stated that the youngsters would be staying with their grandparents. Roberson will be honored with a candlelight vigil in Conyers on Monday.

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