Missouri Man Accused Of Raping, Kidnapped Woman For Weeks

It has been reported that a 22-year-old lady was held captive for weeks in the basement of a Missouri man who confined, lashed, and raped her until she escaped on Friday.

After Timothy Haslett Jr., 39, allegedly abducted the woman, the victim escaped his Excelsior Springs home as he left to drop off his child at school.

Missouri Man Accused Of Raping, Kidnapped Woman For Weeks
Missouri Man Accused Of Raping, Kidnapped Woman For Weeks

Afterwards, she reportedly fled to a neighbor’s house for assistance while looking gaunt and wearing a metal dog collar with a padlock around her neck.

According to witnesses, the woman had obvious symptoms of maltreatment.

It was approximately 7:45 a.m. on Friday when Ciara Tharp’s grandmother heard a woman pounding on the door and calling for help, according to an interview with NBC station KSHB in Kansas City.

“She heard a woman screaming and came banging on the door, so she opened the door, and the woman said, ‘You have to assist me, I’ve been raped, I’ve been held captive,'” Tharp explained. “You gotta help me,” she says.

According to KSHB, Tharp’s grandmother took her in, fed and watered her, and bundled her up in a blanket.

To paraphrase what Tharp said of his grandmother: “She was weak. She wasn’t wearing many garments. According to her, “I could see the ligature marks around my wrists, and there was a metal dog collar around my neck.”

Tharp’s grandma and another neighbor heard the victim say that her abuser lived down the street and that she was terrified he would kill her if he found out she had escaped.

When Tharp’s grandma realized the woman needed medical attention, she dialed 911. The station reports that she made the identification on the way by pointing to Haslett’s house and saying that was where she had been held hostage since early September.

According to court documents filed on Tuesday and acquired by the local ABC affiliate KMBC News, the responding officers discovered the victim, who has not yet been identified, wearing latex undergarments and a metal collar with a padlock around her neck.

Her wrists and ankles were similarly marked, and she had a piece of duct tape around her neck.

The victim told police that at the beginning of September, she was picked up by a man named Timothy in Kansas City. Since then, according to the papers, he has been holding her hostage in a makeshift cell he constructed in his basement, with handcuffs on her wrists and ankles.

She said that Haslett raped her numerous times while she was tied in the little basement chamber.

Rescue workers discovered whipping wounds on her back. According to court documents, witnesses also said that she had difficulty breathing due to the tight collar that had been placed around her neck.

Following the execution of the search warrant, police were able to locate the basement chamber indicated by Haslett’s housekeeper. Several weapons were also found inside the house.

On the same day that his claimed victim fled for an unrelated animal control infraction, police arrested Haslett.

He was arrested and now faces charges of rape, kidnapping, and violence.

The person has been hospitalized and is currently classified as stable in KMBC’s reporting.

She claimed that further victims existed, but authorities have yet to locate them.

If what Tharp said is true, the woman told her grandmother that Haslett was responsible for the deaths of her companions.

She remarked, “He killed my buddies,” and I quote. They were not successful. Tharp claimed, “He slaughtered my pals.” She simply couldn’t stop saying it.

The police have said that they are doing a comprehensive investigation into the possibility of additional victims but have discovered no proof of any.


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