Mom Killed The Home Invasion Suspect While Defending Her Children

According to the sheriff’s office, a mom who was defending her two children shot and killed a man who was accused of breaking into a Louisiana home. According to Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office officials, the shooting took place at a home in Hammond, Louisiana, at about five in the morning on Sunday, according to WVUE.

When he broke into the home of a woman and her two small children, Robert Rheams, 51, was reportedly wearing a ski mask and carrying a shovel and a lug wrench, according to authorities. Rheams and the homeowner got into a physical fight that, according to the deputies, ended when the woman shot the alleged intruder. The parish coroner pronounced Rheams deceased at the scene.

After spending nearly 20 years in prison for armed robbery, Rheams was released on parole, according to Sheriff’s Office Chief Jimmy Travis. Detectives connected Rheams to a carjacking attempt that occurred hours earlier and one street over. Travis claimed that Rheams requested the driver, an out-of-state employee residing at a motel, for a ride.

“He started punching the driver with his fist during the trip, and the driver swerved into a ditch, getting the car stuck,” Travis claimed. The driver managed to get out of the automobile and run for safety.

According to Travis, the attacker abandoned the driver’s stopped car as he was wounded and bruised from the incident. The woman’s home invasion appeared “completely random,” the chief continued, and the two burglars had no prior acquaintance. Travis stated that it seemed as though the homeowner was using her Second Amendment rights to defend her family from a ferocious home invasion.

There have been no detentions.

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