Naugatuck Father Accused Of Killing His 11-month-old Daughter Has Been Captured In Waterbury

The guy accused of killing his 11-month-old daughter last month has been apprehended by Naugatuck police. Local, state, and federal law enforcement have been pursuing leads and requesting assistance from the public to find Christopher Francisquini for the past two weeks.

According to Naugatuck police, Francisquini was captured today at 3:05 pm in the vicinity of 400 Grand Street in the City of Waterbury.

Chief C. Colin McAlister of the Naugatuck Police expressed “a sense of satisfaction, knowing this dangerous criminal was brought into custody and taken off the streets.”

Police claim that Francisquini was apprehended a day after appealing to the public for aid in finding the alleged killer through a call from a local citizen who recognized Francisquini from media coverage.

At the Waterbury bus stop on Meadow Street, a civilian observed someone who they believed to be Francisquini, completely covered in black clothing, and they alerted the police.

Chief McAlister added, “He claimed he recognized him, even though he felt he had modified his appearance, it was still enough that he recognized him.

The 31-year-old father is suspected by police of killing his daughter inside his Naugatuck house on November 18th, which led to a large manhunt.

Chief McAlister said, “These police labored through the holidays and they worked nonstop for the previous two weeks, motivated by the commitment to the cause of bringing justice to baby Camilla.

Just before six o’clock tonight, Francisquini was returned to Naugatuck by a police car caravan with flashing lights.

Those who reside here are very relieved by the news of his detention.

Scott Jones remarked, “I’m just glad they got him. Someone that small, innocent, and very relieved something awful happened to him.

Police said they still don’t have a reason for the inquiry, but they do have a message for Camilla’s family.

“We hope they can breathe easier, but nothing can take away the family’s anguish from the heartbreaking death of a child that was taken from them far too young. Chief McAlister said. He is no longer a danger to the neighborhood or those family members.

The body cam video captures the instant that Francisquini was apprehended by Waterbury police, who had all drawn their firearms at the time.

Baby Camilla would have turned one year old tomorrow.

Francisquini is being held under a $5,000,000 bond.

On Monday, he is due to appear in Waterbury’s superior court.

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