New Video Shows Hollywood Police Dragging Man Into Elevator After Shooting Him Haunts Grieving Family

Orlando, Florida – A 69-year-old condominium owner was shot by Hollywood police last year, and new surveillance footage obtained by Local 10 News depicts the officers dragging the man into an elevator.

David Cottes later succumbed to his injuries, and the details of what transpired are still a mystery to his family.

Coates requested that his neighbors contact Hollywood police on February 26, 2022, as he believed someone was breaking into his apartment at around 8 a.m.

Cottes lived in 3505 South Ocean Drive for a very long time.

Christina Cottes, David’s daughter, stated, “He said someone was in his apartment, in his condo, and he comes out with his revolver licensed to carry and everything.”

Police shot Cottes, the condo’s board president, in the chest after they arrived on the 14th floor.

It’s unclear exactly what happened before, but according to his relatives, he was beside the elevator when cops entered the building via the stairs.

Friday was the first time Christina Cottes had seen the security footage, and she started crying.

She declared, “He’s literally my best friend.”

Coates said that her family needs explanations.

She responded, “They already have him chained behind his back, why would they torture him in such a way or pull him into an elevator? “He is hurt.”

The reason why it took more than 30 minutes to bring Cottes help, according to his family, is unknown.

He is requesting assistance from the authorities, Christina Cottes added. “My dad is dead when the police arrive to aid.”

They claimed that David was denied permission to visit the hospital before his death several weeks later, so he took what transpired to the grave.

They have been waiting a year for forensic and ballistics evidence because they want to know who fired first, according to private eye Victor Elbeze.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which was looking into the shooting, was contacted by Local 10 News for comment.

They stated that the situation was still under investigation on Friday.

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