Officer Fanone’s Attacker Gets 7+ Years In Prison

On Thursday, the man who yelled “I got one!” as he dragged former DC Metro Police officer Michael Fanone into the mass of violent rioters on January 6, 2021, was sentenced to 90 months in prison.

The mob attacked police with chemical spray, poles, bats, and officers’ batons and shields in the lower west terrace tunnel, a narrow entranceway into the Capitol, as Fanone and his fellow officers stood guard.

Officer Fanone's Attacker Gets 7+ Years In Prison
Officer Fanone’s Attacker Gets 7+ Years In Prison

According to court documents, Fanone was dragged away from his fellow cops during this conflict by a man dubbed Albuquerque Head, who wrapped his arm around Fanone’s neck and ripped him into the throng, which then engulfed him and pummeled him unconscious.

District Judge Amy Berman Jackson stated, “These were some of the darkest deeds on one of (our) darkest days,” before handing down the sentence on Thursday.

Later, she clarified that the officer “was protecting America that day,” but at the time, “he was your prey, he was your trophy.”

In April of 2021, Head, a resident of Kingsport, Tennessee, was arrested for assaulting a police officer; in May of that year, he entered a guilty plea.

Prosecutors produced footage from Fanone’s body camera from January 6 during the hearing, in which Head is heard promising Fanone, “I’m going to get you out of here.”

Fanone said “thank you” in response.

During his sentence hearing, Fanone said he initially thought Head was trying to help him. However, just seconds later, Head shouted, “I got one!” to the crowd.

According to Fanone’s testimony, Head “choke me and drag me out into the violent throng” before he was tased by another rioter. Fanone claims the officer had a heart attack while rioters repeatedly tased him in the neck and pummeled him.

Fanone implored the judge on Thursday, “Show Mr. Head the same mercy he showed me on January 6.” “None.”

Fanone’s first comments after coming to as officers took him inside the Capitol were captured on camera. We reopened the door, right?” he questioned his fellow policemen.

Fanone has recently joined the CNN team as a commentator.

On Thursday, during the hearing, Head decided not to testify.

His defense counsel Nicholas Wallace stated in a sentencing letter, “Head is before this Honorable Court as a 43-year-old seeking forgiveness and mercy.” Head’s father died in jail, and his mother is in “declining health.”

Head’s lawyer further claimed that his client’s extensive criminal record was the result of an opioid and drug addiction, and that his client’s criminal behavior came to a “screeching end” after he became clean.

Jackson described Head’s fiancée and the mother of his two girls’ letter to the judge as “raw” and “genuine,” and she was present for the sentencing on Thursday.

When Jackson read that part of the letter, he said, “it’s the ladies who will suffer.”

Thursday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” Fanone said he agreed with the sentence and that Jackson was “thoughtful in her sentencing,” but he also expressed concern that the lengthy prison terms given to some convicted January 6 defendants could “inspire” some Americans to “fight harder and be more violent.”

Fanone responded, “I would typically say yes, but these are not traditional crimes.” when asked if he thought the lengthy sentences had “a deterrence impact” on possible future attacks. Attacks on law enforcement and the democratic process are being motivated by political ideology.

“Unfortunately, you still have folks, a former president, many of his allies, that continue to advocate the same lies that drove these attacks,” Fanone said. As a result, “although I think that [the long sentences] may discourage many Americans from participating in something similar to January 6,” I also think that it is driving many Americans to fight harder and be more violent.


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