Officials Are Searching For A Missing Princeton Student

Misrach Ewunetie, a junior at Princeton University, has been missing for five days, forcing authorities to step up their search efforts.

The institution reports that Ewunetie was last spotted at 3 a.m. at a dorm on the New Jersey campus. Monday was the first day the institution reported her missing, and since then, the university’s public safety department has increased its search efforts while continuing to beg the public for information regarding her location.

Officials Are Searching For A Missing Princeton Student
Officials Are Searching For A Missing Princeton Student

The university provided an update to the community on Wednesday morning, saying, “As part of the continuing efforts to locate missing undergraduate student Misrach Ewunetie ’24, there is an increased law enforcement presence on and around campus today, including the use of a helicopter, drones, and watercraft.”

Anyone with information that might aid in the search is being urged to call the university’s Division of Public Safety.

Authorities have said that Ewunetie has black hair, brown eyes, and a light brown complexion. She stands at a modest 5 foot 4 inches tall and weighs around 130 lbs.

The head of one of Princeton University’s 11 dining hall clubs informed The Daily Princetonian on Thursday that Ewunetie had been helping there earlier that evening. The president of the Terrace Club, Alexander Maravcsik, told the newspaper that Ewunetie was working as a housekeeper during a live performance by a band.

On Thursday night, Misrach stepped up to cover for a member of our team who had been scheduled to work but ended up being unable to come to our event. Misrach, along with the other members on duty, “left for the night after the club closed and all duty tasks were performed,” Maravcsik told the daily.

Non-profit Minds Matter Cleveland executive director Sara Elagad told CNN that Ewunetie’s absence was out of character. Ewunetie graduated from the Minds Matter Cleveland program in 2020, which targets high-achieving low-income children in an effort to narrow the achievement gap.

For her to deliberately cut herself off from the outside world and her loved ones is completely out of character, Elagad said. We’re here for her family as they help authorities find her in safety.

According to a statement released by the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, Ewunetie will graduate from The Villa St. Angela – St. Joseph High School in 2020 with high honors. Deacon James Armstrong issued a statement saying, “We are praying for her fast and safe return.”

W. Rochelle Calhoun, Princeton’s vice president for campus life, emailed the student body on Monday to inform them that Ewunetie’s family had called Sunday night to seek a welfare check after not hearing from her in several days.

Calhoun said in an email that law enforcement agencies around the country had been “actively working with the Prosecutor’s Office and with state and local police departments to pursue all leads” in their hunt for Misrach since Sunday. I have faith that every effort is being made to locate Misrach.


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