Patrick Stallworth Found Guilty Of Killing Kamille ‘cupcake’ Mckinney

Friday, a jury convicted the man charged in the 2019 abduction of a Birmingham 3-year-old.

Patrick Stallworth and his girlfriend plotted Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney’s abduction all day, authorities said.

Patrick Stallworth Found Guilty Of Killing Kamille 'cupcake' Mckinney
Patrick Stallworth Found Guilty Of Killing Kamille ‘cupcake’ Mckinney


Assistant U.S. Attorney Brittany Byrd said child pornography was discovered on Stallworth’s phone and he bought a male enhancement pill hours after the kidnapping.

Stallworth’s partner, Derick Irisha Brown, 32, may have sought another child after losing custody of her six.

Bryd told jurors, “It’s irrelevant.” “All that counts is getting justice for Kamille McKinney. “Guilty”

Derrick Collins, Stallworth’s attorney, argued the government failed to establish he kidnapped Kamille or conspired with Brown.

Collins expressed sympathy on behalf of himself, Stallworth, and his family, but maintained his client did not injure Kamille.

Collins said in closing arguments that Brown was exclusively responsible for Stallworth’s abduction and killing.

“My customer fell in love”

Stallworth and Brown were both charged with abduction and conspiracy to kidnap a youngster. The jury determined the abduction caused the minor’s death.

After one hour, the jury reached a verdict.

Stallworth didn’t react to the judgment.

Brown’s trial begins Nov. 14 in Tuscaloosa.

Unsentenced. The U.S. Department of Justice has said it won’t pursue the death sentence. Stallworth’s federal convictions mean life without parole.

Lloyd Peeples, head of the U.S. Attorney’s Criminal Division, said Patrick Stallworth will never walk free again.

“Today, the jury held the defendant responsible for his conduct in victimizing a 3-year-old kid. U.S. Attorney Prim F. Escalona said his office would continue to prosecute child predators.

“Just as our local, state, and federal partners helped find the victim, they also helped with this week’s trial. Escalona continued, “I appreciate their hard work and devotion.”

“While today’s verdict does not take away the anguish for Kamille’s family, or the vacuum in their lives that they will never fill, they at least know we are one step closer to justice being served on those responsible,” FBI Acting Special Agent in Charge Felix A. Rivera-Esparra stated.

Stallworth and Brown face state murder charges. There are no state trial dates yet.

Cupcake disappeared from a Tom Brown Village birthday celebration on Oct. 12, 2019. Her corpse was recovered 10 days later.

After starting Monday, the jury started deliberating Friday. Federal prosecutors presented 100 exhibits and 22 witnesses. Trial judge was L. Scott Coogler.

Prosecutors said Stallworth and Brown intended to kidnap a child all day. Earlier that Saturday, Stallworth was caught on film purchasing sweets near Tom Brown Village.

A 12-year-old girl stated Stallworth requested for sweets as she left Hayes K-8 cheerleading practice. she fled

Later, Stallworth and Brown were observed in their Toyota Sequoia on a street, and Brown wondered where all the youngsters who used to play on the circle were. This lady said Brown was too interested in kids.

Stallworth was seen all week in his Toyota Sequoia. Surveillance cameras and phone data showed his whereabouts that day.

Stallworth denied knowing about Kamille’s disappearance. After the girl’s deteriorating corpse was located, he finally confirmed visiting her at his flat.

He stated Brown took the kid because she wanted to keep her and wanted him to sexually contact her. Brown “put Cupcake to sleep” by covering her nose and mouth, he told police.

When he woke up, the youngster was gone, he said. He claims he had sex with Brown in bed.

Cupcake’s corpse was found in a construction trash bin at the Center Point apartment complex where Stallworth and Brown resided.

Derick Brown informed FBI Agent Cynthia Bobe where to find the girl’s corpse. Bobe said she climbed to the second floor of the condominium to look down on the garbage containers. Cupcake’s corpse was unseen.

As inspectors inspected the containers, the firm took them to the dump. Authorities searched these containers at the dump, where they located Cupcake’s corpse.

FBI Agent Stanley Ruffin stated he originally assumed Cupcake’s body was a toy.

An emotional Ruffin testified, “I saw what I assumed was a toy.” It wasn’t a doll, I realized.

Ruffin had to shut his eyes to confirm what he was seeing. “I thought about my kids”

When he opened his eyes, he saw a body. “A child.”

Later, Ruffin retired.


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