Phoebe Bridgers Announced Death Of Her Father

Phoebe Bridgers Announced Death Of Her Father: Phoebe Bridgers announced the news of her father’s passing in a memorial she published on Instagram on Tuesday.

The well-known singer-songwriter posted a throwback image of her wearing headphones and listening to music with her late father. She was sporting short, pink hair in that image.

Bridgers, 28, captioned the picture, saying, “Rest in peace, dad.” She made no other comments or clarifications.

Bridgers has been open and honest about her complex and turbulent relationship with her father. Bridgers mentioned that her parents split when she was 20 in a profile for GQ published in September 2019. She also claimed that her father had been abusive and had a “drug thing” when she was younger.

Bridgers revealed to NPR in 2020 that she and her father had a problematic connection since he was “emotionally distant, yet incredibly present in a weird way.”

The well-known Bridgers song “Kyoto” is about her father, her frustrations with him, and her ambivalence over whether or not she will ultimately be able to forgive him for his previous deeds. According to Bridgers, the song served as a helpful tool for processing some hard feelings.

In an interview with NPR, she remarked, “It’s great to not feel, like, emotionally caged all the time with everything that you carry into your life.” I believe I was angry for a considerable time, and the song is about ceasing to be angry.

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