A Shooting Kills an Innocent Bystander and Kills a Pokemon Go Participant!

A guy is on trial for the 2019 murder of a lady whose boyfriend discovered her during an armed robbery while she was playing Pokemon Go. In 2019, Cayla Campos met her demise while playing Pokemon Go at a park in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with her boyfriend.

The pair arrived at the park while Izaiah Garcia was carrying out an armed robbery while they were playing Pokemon Go in their car. Then, Campos was shot in her automobile, and the gunshot wound caused her death.

Garcia is on trial in 2024 on charges of first-degree murder and other offenses related to the shooting death of 21-year-old Cayla Campos in 2019. Garcia has committed crimes previously.

Three weeks after killing Campos, he was accused of the murder of a high school student. In addition to being on trial for the murder of Campos, Garcia was originally accused of killing the high school student and could receive a life sentence.

According to the prosecution, Campos was an innocent bystander who was shot and killed by Garcia when she attempted to flee the scene of the crime at Bianchetti Park. Gabriel Marquez, Garcia’s co-defendant, told the jury that when Campos arrived, he had taken a Louis Vuitton belt out of the Mustang.

Pokemon Go Player Killed as Shooting

According to Marquez’s testimony, Campos attempted to leave the scene by turning onto Granite NE and driving off. “That’s when Izaiah started running after (the car),” Marquez stated, going on to say that Garcia repeatedly used the assault rifle barrel to hit the rear glass of Campos’ vehicle.

Additionally, according to the prosecution, Garcia’s intended victim was Christian Mattock, a 21-year-old who was thought to be one of his rivals. In his subsequent testimony, Marquez stated that Garcia had acknowledged killing Campos and that he was aware the victim was not Mattock.  That’s when he informed me that someone had died. He said that it wasn’t Christian and that the individual was random.

In addition to this, Garcia is also charged with the murder of another prisoner; a video from the incident shows the two fighting while awaiting their sentences. In the weeks that will follow the trial, we’ll be sure to keep you informed on this subject as more information becomes available.

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