Police: A Woman Was Kept Hostage For A Month And Raped Many Times

According to court records filed on Tuesday, a lady from Missouri was kept hostage for approximately a month in a basement chamber and brutally raped before she was able to escape.

Timothy M. Haslett, 39, of Excelsior Springs, Missouri, was arrested on Friday and made a video court appearance on Tuesday from the Clay County prison.

Police: A Woman Was Kept Hostage For A Month And Raped Many Times

Haslett’s attorney, Judge Louis Angles, pleaded not guilty on his behalf to accusations of abduction in the first degree, rape or attempted rape in the first degree, and assault in the second degree. He requested legal representation from the public defender system on Tuesday while requesting to be held in prison on $500,000 bail.

The Kansas City Star said that the body of the victim was discovered early on Friday morning; she was wearing latex underwear and a metal collar with what looked like a padlock on the front of it. The victim reported to authorities that she had been abducted in early September and held captive in a basement room at the suspect’s house.

The police opened the door because the woman’s respiration had been impeded, they added. A probable cause statement from a detective claims that on the way to the hospital, the victim identified the house where she had been detained.

He bound her wrists and ankles with handcuffs. According to the probable cause statement, she escaped as he was driving his kid to school. The lady said that Haslett regularly raped and whipped her.

Since Haslett’s arrest, officers have reportedly been seen leaving the ranch-style property with numerous bags of evidence. A cadaver dog, trained to locate the dead and missing, has been employed to search the yard and Haslett’s vehicle.

Thirty miles to the northeast of Kansas City lies the community of Excelsior Springs, home to 11,600 people.

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