Police In Kansas Kill A Guy After Responding To An Overdose Report

Kansas City, Missouri — According to police in Kansas, an armed guy fled the scene of an opioid overdose on a bicycle and was shot and killed by an officer.

The man was seen pedaling away from a home where they discovered a man and woman unconscious, according to a news release from the Kansas City Police Department. Officers aired the description of the fleeing guy while medical personnel revived the two overdose victims with the life-saving medication naloxone, also known by the brand name Narcan.

A second officer located the individual half a mile away from the house and made contact with him. According to the police, the cop shot at the individual during that exchange.

According to the press release, officers and a deputy from the Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Office saved the man’s life before EMS came and declared him dead. His identity wasn’t made public right away.

The announcement included no other information regarding what happened before the incident, other than the police claim that a gun was found next to the man. No cops were hurt during the exchange, according to the press release.

As per departmental procedure and pending an inquiry, the officer who opened fire has been placed on paid administrative leave.

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