Police Name Ex-husband As Main Suspect In Death Of A Missing Mother

Authorities say the body of Rachel Castillo, a mother of two who went missing last week from her house in Simi Valley, California, has been discovered.

On Sunday, police from Simi Valley announced that Castillo’s body had been discovered in a rural area of Antelope Valley.

Police Name Ex-husband As Main Suspect In Death Of A Missing Mother
Police Name Ex-husband As Main Suspect In Death Of A Missing Mother

Zarbab Ali, 25, of Hawthorne, California, has been identified as the key suspect by police. Ali is Castillo’s ex-husband. Police in Simi Valley reported he was taken into custody at his parents’ home in Victorville on Sunday afternoon.

The police have stated that “this inquiry has rapidly progressed” during the previous few days. “The investigation into this matter is ongoing, thus there are certain aspects that cannot be disclosed for legal and investigative reasons. Further information on this investigation will be made public by the Simi Valley Police Department.”

In the hours after Castillo went missing, local police reported finding “a large amount of blood” at the area.

“Blood was discovered in large quantities inside her house once police began investigating. Currently, Rachel’s whereabouts are unknown. It is assumed that Rachel’s safety is in jeopardy given the current situation, “according to a previous statement from the Simi Valley Police Department.

Castillo’s relatives informed KABC, an ABC affiliate, that the 25-year-old has two kids and lives with her sister within a few miles of their parents.

Family members informed KABC that she had left her children with their father Thursday morning before going missing.

When her sister Emily Castillo noticed the blood, she knew something was wrong. “That’s when I called the police,” she said. On Thursday night, she drove herself back to her house. Immediately after telling my mother to come over, I dialed 9-1-1.

Her family reported that several of her personal items, including her phone, keys, and automobile, were still in the residence.

In case you have any information, please call the Simi Valley Police Department at (805-583) 6950.


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