Police Seek 3 Suspects In Brothers’ Murder

Two brothers from Berkeley were shot and murdered on Saturday night while celebrating a family member’s birthday in North Oakland, police said Monday. Three suspects are still being sought in connection with the killing.

A contribution page states that Angel Sotelo Garcia, 15, and his brother Jazy, 17, were the eldest of six siblings and both attended Berkeley High School. On Sunday and Monday, friends, family, and loved ones memorialized the boys on social media by sharing happy times they had with them. Before enrolling at Berkeley High, the brothers finished their education at South Berkeley’s Sylvia Mendez Elementary (previously Le Conte) and Longfellow Middle schools.

At a news conference on Monday, Oakland police chief LeRonne Armstrong claimed that the shooting occurred at a birthday celebration for a 17-year-old boy, attended by about 30 other youths. A few hours after the party started, at about 10 p.m., police from Oakland and Emeryville reacted to gunshot alarms and 911 calls.

Police in Oakland discovered three shooting victims: one outside the house, and two inside. Another victim was located by Emeryville police not far from the home; they were also treated for their wounds.

The victims who were hospitalized and reported to be in stable condition by police on Sunday were not updated on Monday.

According to Armstrong, an adult used Airbnb to reserve the house where the party was held, and Airbnb, which this summer banned gatherings permanently, said the celebration was a “unauthorized” event that took place without the host’s knowledge.

According to Airbnb, the posting has been taken off from the website.

Armstrong speculated that a parent had leased the Airbnb for the birthday celebration. “It was meant to be shared with just a small number of individuals, but word got out.”

The police have determined that the shooting did not involve a “gang or organization” and was instead the result of a quarrel that had previously occurred “at or near” the high school.

According to Armstrong, the three suspects in the shooting drove up to the party and entered the house. Later, he added, two persons in the group started shooting at individuals with a pistol and a rifle.

Armstrong has said that they are “following up on all leads linked to this shooting” in order to find “those who are guilty for this horrible act.”

Remembering the ‘brotherly affection’ between Jazy and Angel.
Jazy was the more serious of the brothers and a natural, elder guardian, according to his social media followers, who also described him as having a “gentle and humorous personality.”

Angel’s friends and relatives recalled him as “always ready for a great time, always spreading joy and laughter everywhere he went,” and as a “brother figure to many” who didn’t share his blood. One buddy said online, “Didn’t matter what he went through, he would rather want to see you have a true grin before he did.

One parent gushed in Spanish about how their children “always protected one other like brothers, taking care of each other with a lot of brotherly affection,” even their peers.

“to ensure that students and staff get the assistance that they need for counseling, to remember these precious children, and to be in community with one another and bring comfort,” Berkeley Unified School District Superintendent Enikia Ford Morthel said in a statement released Monday.

“They were a part of the fabric of our school community, and to lose them while they were so young and full of potential rips at who we are,” Ford Morthel wrote. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with the families of these young people and with everyone in our school community who has been affected.

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