Projekt Melody Face Reveal 2022: Has The Vtuber Revealed Her Face To Her Patrons?

They go by the name “Projekt Melody,” and they stream and upload videos to VTube. She also has a huge following on the Chaturbate network, where her virtual persona has helped her earn notoriety. Considering that she seems to be a bot figure animated to provide flexibility to the platform, Projekt Melody hasn’t yet revealed her face. Let’s dig deep into Projekt Melody Face Reveal.

The streamer’s biography and identity reveal are discussed here. Melody, or Projekt Melody, has a body and face straight out of an anime.

Starting in 2019, she was accessible via her Twitter hub, and by the end of 2020, her Twitch channel had become rather famous. In the early part of the year 2020, she signed up for Twitch. Her latest appearances on Chaturbate have piqued the interest of her many admirers.


Who Is Projekt Melody

Known for her work on VTube and Twitch, Projekt Melody is also an established voice actor. In fact, she has earned acclaim for her exceptional Twitch streams. As of this writing, she has amassed a following of over 400k on the service.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the face reveal, age, wiki, biography, true name, height, weight, family, net worth, ethnicity, and more of Projekt Melody.

On June 7, 2000, in Japan, a family gave birth to a baby girl named Projekt Melody. Although her true identity remains a mystery, we do know that Gemini is Projekt Melody’s star sign. The native-born Melody Projekt graduated from high school. There is a lack of transparency regarding her education because she has not discussed it in the open.

Projekt Melody Face RevealSource: Virtualyoutuber Fandom

The members of Projekt Melody come from a variety of backgrounds. However, neither her siblings nor her parents are mentioned anywhere online. As of this writing, Projekt Melody is not married and is not in a committed relationship with anyone.

Soon after, in the following month, Projekt Melody began regularly streaming on Twitch. Since she was already well-known, her Twitch channel experienced rapid expansion. Just Chatting is one of the streams that Projekt Melody offers.

At the moment, there are around 500k+ people that follow Projekt Melody and approx 1,400+ people who subscribe to it. Then again, she’s been a YouTuber for longer than 2019. In her youtube channel, which has over 588k subscribers, she frequently posts Twitch highlights.

She also has a video-on-demand (VOD) account where you can watch her full Twitch broadcasts. They now have more than 591k subscribers. Let’s find out more about Projekt Melody Face Reveal.

Projekt Melody Face Reveal

So Projekt Melody Face Reveal has been done? Even though she has a large Twitch and Charurbate following, she hasn’t done a face reveal and Projekt Melody has yet to perform a face reveal.

In this new version of the platform, her virtual persona and likeness appear to have been exposed from behind the old one. She has been using her avatar to represent herself, usually with a bluish or purple tint to her hair, and showing off for other streamers and fans.

Many assume she was just another solo act the streaming service added to the lineup in an effort to shake things up with fresh blood. On the other hand, there are others who think she’ll emerge from wherever she was hiding before, only this time with more information.

Projekt Melody Net Worth

The wealth of Projekt Melody is $800,000. (approx). There are several ways for her to make money. The majority of Projekt Melody’s funding comes from YouTube, Twitch, and paid memberships. Some of Projekt Melody’s revenue streams are discussed in greater depth below.

She has over 591k Twitch followers and earns a substantial income from her broadcasts. Ads in videos and donations are the main sources of revenue for Projekt Melody. Not counting this, her income comes from paid subscribers, with a minimum of $5 per subscription.

TwitchStats reports that there are presently over 1400 people subscribed to Projekt Melody. As a result, Projekt Melody receives $7,000 a month from subscribers.

YouTube – Despite having more subscribers compared to her Twitch following, Projekt Melody gets a lot less money from her YouTube broadcasts. The Socialblade website claims that Projekt Melody makes less than $1,000 per month from YouTube.

Paying customers provides the bulk of Projekt Melody’s revenue. Onlyfans, Fans, Patreon, etc. are just some of the major paid subscription websites that are available on Projekt Melody. Become a member of Patreon with a monetary pledge of $1, $5, or $10. With a higher monthly fee comes better membership benefits.

However, her fantastic NSFW content is only available to members who pay the $10 per month premium. There are currently over 3,400 of her Patrons, and she is expected to make over $10,000 each and every month.

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