Prosecutors Accuse A Stockton Serial Murderer With 3 Killings

On Tuesday, prosecutors in Northern California charged a man with the murder of three men whom police believe were among six victims killed by a serial murderer during the last year and a half.

On Saturday, police in Florida arrested 43-year-old Wesley Brownlee on charges of murder and attempted murder in connection with a string of shootings that began in April of 2021. Police had been keeping tabs on him all day Saturday as he drove about Stockton with a weapon in his car, looking for potential new victims.

Prosecutors Accuse A Stockton Serial Murderer With 3 Killings
Prosecutors Accuse A Stockton Serial Murderer With 3 Killings

On Tuesday, the District Attorney’s Office for San Joaquin County filed charges of three counts of murder, one crime of being a felon in possession of a handgun, and one offense of possessing ammunition. A truck driver named Brownlee who had just relocated to Stockton from Oakland was only arrested in connection with three murders that took place in the city.

In addition to the charges already filed in one homicide and one attempted homicide in Stockton, DA Tori Verber Salazar has announced she plans to bring new charges in two more homicides. Last year, another murder took place in Oakland, Alameda County.

After Brownlee’s arrest, during a news conference, Verber Salazar remarked, “There are certain individuals who are just plain too dangerous to share the streets with you and I.”

On Tuesday, Brownlee did not enter a plea and was rescheduled to be arraigned again on November 14. The court appointed an attorney to represent him at no cost to the defendant. Inquiries left with the public defender’s office went unanswered for the time being.

Stockton Police Chief Stanley McFadden stated that Brownlee may be connected to further incidents, and that detectives are currently looking for leads.

McFadden said, “We’re going to be persistent, we don’t know how many examples there are.”

There was a firearm of a comparable caliber to the one used in the violence discovered in Brownlee’s possession at the time of his arrest. The police have concluded that the same firearm was used in the murders of all three individuals and are now conducting tests to verify this theory.

When asked whether Brownlee knew any of the victims personally, Verber Salazar remained silent.


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