Realtors weigh in on why several Californians are shifting to Middle Tennessee.

Several people in the community are discussing an issue that has popped up recently: many folks have new Californian neighbors. There are various reasons, according to realtors, why so many people are traveling here from 2,000 miles away.

When you’ve amassed nearly 230,000 subscribers on YouTube, you know you’ve discovered a winning formula. “I teach people how to make graphics for T-shirts,” Charley Pangus explained as he stood in front of a ring of lights and microphones, where he records videos for YouTube.

Pangus even has a plaque on his wall from YouTube, which is a testament to the large following. “You have to do videos all the time to keep up, but I enjoy it,” he said with a smile.

One of his films that has received much attention is a departure from his regular design stuff. According to Pangus in a video last year, “I’ve recently relocated from California to Tennessee, and I’m trying to organize my ideas.”

According to him, “this is a fascinating place.” “Why don’t we give it a shot?” says the group.

Pangus’s reasons for relocating include:

  • The music culture.
  • The sites to see.
  • The contrast in house prices between this area and the state of California.

According to Pangus, “we had a two-bedroom apartment, and they wanted to renew it for over $2,500.” “We were just like, ‘We can’t do this,'” said the group.

Although mortgage rates are rising in this area, Pangus believes that the rates are still significantly lower than what he is used to.

According to Rachael Hadidsez, a realtor with eXp Realty, “about 40-50 percent of the calls coming in and the clients I work with come from California.”

Rachael Hadidsaz’s YouTube channel, TN Homes by Rachael, frequently addresses Californians relocating to Middle Tennessee.

She claims that most of them are attracted to Tennessee because of its more conservative politics, which includes problems of personal freedom, such as mask mandates during the pandemic, she says.

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Hadidsaz said she also hears from people from California, such as Pangus, who are relocating for economic reasons. Our property taxes are modest, according to her, she stated. “The sales tax in our state is modest.”

Realtor Emily Learned of Village Real Estate stated that clients have frequently cited a desire to live in a more conservative political environment as the primary reason for relocating from California to Tennessee.

Clients in her California area have also expressed fear about flames in and near their neighborhood. In addition, according to Learned, some have relocated because the corporation preferred the lower tax rates in Tennessee.

In addition, she stated that word of mouth had brought many Californians to come and eventually encouraged them to relocate to the area. “We relocated here, and we’re pleased here,” Pangus expressed his satisfaction with the decision. “Home Sweet Home” was written on a doormat outside his residence.

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