Reginald Net Worth: How Much Rich Is He In 2022?

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Reginald Early Life

In Queens, New York on August 16, 1952, was born Reginald Vel Johnson. When Reginald was 13 years old, his father left the family and they were raised by a nurse’s aide and a hospital attendant.

VelJohnson and George Tenet went to the same high school and grew up together. Reginald joined New York University after graduating from high school, where he quickly became interested in the school’s theatre program.

He had the opportunity to work with performers like Morgan Freeman while still in school. In order to make his last name more memorable, he legally changed it from “Reginald Vel Johnson” to “Reginald VelJohnson” when he first started performing.

Acting Reginald has built a solid reputation for portraying law enforcement officials. In “Ghostbusters” from 1984, he had a little role as a prison guard. In “Crocodile Dundee,” he had an early role as a limo driver.

Reginald Career

Reginald Career

His career as an actor continued to flourish, and he went on to portray law enforcement personnel in films like “Turner & Hooch” and “Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins,” where he played an ambulance driver.

While these parts helped Reginald get his foot in the Hollywood door, it wasn’t until 1988 that he became a household name. It was in this film that he first portrayed the legendary Sgt. Al Powell.

Many predicted that “Die Hard” would bomb, but the film ended up earning over $140 million on a budget of under $30 million. The film was pivotal in the careers of several actors, including Reginald, Bruce Willis, and Alan Rickman.

After the popularity of the film, VelJohnson made the decision to make Los Angeles his permanent home. After that, he appeared in the 1990 sequel Die Hard 2 and provided his voice for the role in the 2002 GameCube video game Die Hard: Vendetta.

Reginald played a police officer on “Family Matters” after the success of “Die Hard.” It was on this show that he teamed up with Jo Marie Payton for over a decade.

After the cancellation of “Family Matters,” Reginald began focusing on voice acting and making guest appearances on other TV shows. The Equalizer, Diagnosis:

Murder, Twice in a Lifetime, Will & Grace, Monk, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Eve, Crossing Jordan, The Parkers, That’s So Raven, and Bones are just some of the shows in this genre.

Additionally, VelJohnson maintained a presence in popular media at this time by appearing in films like “Like Mike.” However, he kept paying more attention to series like “On the Lot” and “I’m in the Band,” both of which were produced by Disney. His performance as Principal Winslow on the animated series “Invincible” is one of his most well-known from the current period.

Reginald Real Estate

Throughout his real estate career, Reginald has lived in North Carolina, California, and New York, but as of 2009, he calls Oceanside, New York, home.

Pay VelJohnson reportedly made $100,000 for his part in “Die Hard.” This was a far cry from Bruce Willis’ rumored $5 million compensation for the film.

Reginald Net Worth

American actor Reginald VelJohnson net worth is $4 million. Even though he also portrayed a police officer in the famous film “Die Hard,” VelJohnson is arguably most remembered for his roles as police officers on sitcoms like “Family Matters.” In “Die Hard 2,” he returned to the role.

Over the course of the 2000s, he appeared in numerous shows and films, including “The Hughleys,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “That’s So Raven,” “Ghost Whisperer,” and “Chuck.” In addition to his work on “Tron: Uprising,” “Hart of Dixie,” and “Mike & Molly,” he has also guest-starred on other shows.

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