Results of California Primary Election 2022

This is only the beginning of the California election process.

During the top-two primary in June, Californians will select their two favorite candidates for governor, top prosecutor, a fiscal watchdog, and numerous other less well-known but equally important positions. There will be a total of 160 candidates in each of the state’s 80 state Assembly races and 20 state Senate contests. There are also 104 candidates in each of its 52 congressional districts. According to predictions, there may be fewer ballots to count than in prior primaries.

This is the election that matters in some contests. Only one member of the ruling party will be able to obtain one of the two coveted places, ensuring their victory in November in districts that are either massively blue or decisively red. However, in other campaigns, the battles will pit Democrats against Democrats or Republicans against Republicans to a much lesser extent. Most races will be decided by the results of the June 7 primary. Which races are expected to be the most intense? Is one political party or another going to prevail? Which issues will be the most highly argued and discussed?

Rick Caruso, a businessman, and Karen Bass, a U.S. Representative, both progressed to the general election in Los Angeles. In addition, voters in San Francisco ousted District Attorney Chesa Boudin from office.

We’ve got terrible news for those of you who are impatient: California election authorities take their time counting each and every vote. It’s possible that the outcome of a close election won’t be known for several days, if not weeks. Don’t be a stranger; we’ll be updating frequently.

Mail-in ballots were prepared into the wee hours of Wednesday morning by election workers. The results will be announced in the coming days.

Fresno County Elections warehouse in southeast Fresno received a steady stream of vehicles from polling locations and ballot drop boxes across the county on Election Night.

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office helicopter flew in Coalinga’s ballots, and the final results came at 10 p.m.

Election Day, according to the authorities, went relatively smoothly.

After the polls closed on Tuesday, workers removed the security flap that covered the voter’s signature on the envelope.

As a novel feature for this election, the signatures of voters were kept safe until they were in the hands of an election official.

That stack of envelopes was piled high, and those votes will begin processing on Wednesday.

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