Sacramento Jury Ruled De@th in 2017 South Land Park Family Slayings

Salvador Vasquez-Oliva killed his family at their home in South Land Park in 2017. A jury in Sacramento has decided that he should be put to death.

Vasquez-Oliva was found guilty of murder with special circumstances on May 1. He was found guilty of killing his wife, two children, and a sister in their 35th Avenue home in March 2017.

In the penalty part of the trial last week, the former state worker waited to hear what would happen to him. Jeff Hightower, the main criminal lawyer for the Sacramento County District Attorney, had said from the beginning of the case that he meant to ask for the death penalty. Even though there is still a moratorium on the death sentence, Vasquez-Oliva will spend the rest of his life on death row.

The tweet below confirms the news:

On Friday, the jury gave the death sentence that the lawyers wanted. They told Sacramento Superior Court Judge Michael Sweet the news.

Vasquez-Oliva, who is now 62 years old, killed his wife, Angelique Vasquez, who was 45, and their two children, Mia Vasquez, who was 14, and Alvin Vasquez, who was 11. He also stabbed to death his 21-year-old niece Ashley Coleman at their home in South Land Park.

These killings shocked the quiet neighborhood and the rest of Sacramento. The Sacramento cops found the four when a worried family member called and asked them to check on them.

Hours after their bodies were found, the cops found Vasquez-Oliva in a San Francisco neighborhood. He told his family members what he had done.

On August 25 in Sacramento Superior Court, Judge Sweet will decide Vasquez-Oliva’s sentence.

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