San Francisco Police Investigate Vandalism of Cruise Autonomous Vehicle

After seeing a video of a masked person hitting a Cruise car late on Sunday night with a hammer or small pick axe, San Francisco police stated they are looking into the vandalism of an autonomous vehicle.

According to the police, just before 11 p.m. on Sunday, officers were called to the 300 block of Buchanan Street, close to Haight Street, for a report of a vandalized vehicle. An autonomous vehicle had been vandalized at the crossroads when responding cops from the Northern Station arrived.

Officers were informed by a witness that they heard a scream and glanced out their window to see the suspect standing in front of the self-driving car before damaging it. Before the authorities arrived, the suspect left the scene.

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Online journalist Stuart Schuffman credited Instagram user @caterywta for posting a video of a masked individual using what looked like a small pick axe to hit the sensors on top of the Cruise car on both the driver and passenger sides as well as the vehicle’s front windscreen and driver side window on the social media platform X.

The front of the Cruise car appears to have been spray-painted over in the footage as well.

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