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Sanford Welcomes The First Babies Born In 2023

Sanford Welcomes The First Babies Born In 2023

Sanford Welcomes The First Babies Born In 2023

The first births of 2023 have already occurred. A newborn girl entered the world at 12:26 this morning at Sanford Health.

Haizley Raelynn’s parents, Winner residents Karalynn Yost and Jaikob Week, are delighted to welcome the new year with her. She is the first child of the couple.

“Because everyone is so happy, we’ve had many visitors and nurses come in to see her. When I first gave birth to her, I had no idea what time it was. Thus, I had no idea she would be a New Year’s baby. Then a group of nurses entered and said, “I don’t know if you’ve heard, but she’s the first baby born in 2023!” So, naturally, they were all thrilled about that,” said Karalynn Yost.

Yost claimed that after eleven hours of labor, she was likewise eager for a snooze.

A New Year’s baby was delivered at 4:21 on Sunday morning at Avera Health. James Donald Robert Joshua Schuette, born to parents Emily and Josh Schuette and has three middle names in keeping with family tradition, was eight pounds and 19 inches long. They claim to be ecstatic about having their first child.

“New Year’s Day, January 1, was the day I was due. I thought no way would happen because it was my first child, but it happened. Any day, we would have been there. Simply put, we’re happy to have him here. We’re quite thrilled. It’s quite wonderful, but I don’t know how to describe it,” Emily added.

Josh claims that James will grow up around many firetrucks because he is a firefighter and already has a firefighter swaddling. He and Emily both claim they are doing well despite being somewhat exhausted.

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