Scorching Heat And Thunderstorms Enter Northern California Forecast

The National Weather Service predicts blistering temperatures for Northern California’s inland valleys and probable thunderstorms in the region’s highest mountains this week as high pressure builds and monsoonal moisture moves north.

Emily Heller, a forecaster at the Sacramento office of the meteorological service, said, “This is fairly usual for summertime.” “It’s August, so naturally it’s warm, and there’s monsoonal moisture moving up from the Southwest Desert. It’s common for the Sierra Nevada to see thunderstorms around this time.”

As a ridge of high pressure above the Four Corners region of the United States advances westward, warmer temperatures will be the dominant weather story for California this week. Temperatures in the interior of Northern California are forecast to surge beyond 100 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday, before gradually falling off on Thursday and into the weekend.

On Tuesday, highs in the Central Valley are expected to reach between 104 and 110 degrees, according to the weather service’s Sacramento office. There will be a “moderate to high risk of heat-related disease for the general population,” the weather agency said. Keep indoors during the warmest parts of the day!

Although the weather service did not issue a red flag warning for extreme fire danger, vegetation on the ground is still retaining some moisture from a foggy July, and there is no major breeze in the forecast, so wildfires are still a possibility in the Bay Area despite the heat.


Mehle remarked that the humidity, wind, and fuel moisture component were the primary areas of concern. To quote the organizers: “None of those are problems with this event.”

Thunderstorms are possible on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The Sierra Crest and Shasta County are good places to look for them to begin. “They need to be relatively secluded in nature,” Heller added.

Clouds at a high altitude are possible on Tuesday and Wednesday in the valley and throughout the Bay Area due to the monsoonal moisture.

Early on Wednesday morning, “we are looking at the potential for an isolated thunderstorm developing over the Pacific Ocean,” said Mehle. We don’t think they’ll happen anytime soon, and if they did, it would be over the coastal waters.

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