Shanquella Robinson Death: What Caused The Death Of Her?

While on vacation in Mexico with her companions, Shanquella Robinson, 25, a lady from Charlotte, North Carolina, reportedly died after being battered to death.

Robinson, according to WGHP, was fatally assaulted by a friend in a villa in Mexico before she was found dead. She allegedly died of alcohol poisoning, according to friends.

According to reports, Robinson was a member of a party that traveled from Charlotte to Cabo on October 28 and leased property to celebrate one of their friends’ birthdays.

The woman’s mother, Salamondra Robinson, informed the news organization that she last spoke to her daughter while she was dining with her friends and only a short time after she had arrived in Cabo.

Despite their agreement to speak the next day, Salamondra only ever received a call from one of her friends informing her that Shanquella was ill and that they were awaiting a doctor’s arrival.

She wasn’t feeling well, they claimed. She was poisoned by booze, Salamondra told the news broadcaster. They were unable to find a pulse. Everyone who was with her at the time told her various tales.

Later, Salamondra got a call from one of the friends she was vacationing with informing her that her daughter had passed away from food poisoning.

The mother remarked, “No one recounted the same story, so I never believed them anyhow.”

Shanquella Robinson Death

A video of the 25-year-old being attacked in a bedroom while she was n*ked has surfaced since the woman’s death. Shanquella is overheard being questioned by a man who appears to be filming the terrible assault, asking, “Quella, can you at least fight back?”

In addition, Shanquella can be seen being repeatedly punched in the head while attempting to flee from her attacker.

Bernard Robinson stated of his late daughter, “All I’ve been doing is just crying trying to find out what happened.” “She’s gone, I can’t even escort her down the aisle as a grandfather.”

A spokesman for Villa Linda 32, where the group was staying, informed WJZY that the concierge called an ambulance and the doctor tried unsuccessfully to revive Shanquella. Around 15 minutes after being battered, at 3 p.m. local time, she was pronounced dead.

According to a recently published autopsy report, Robinson’s neck was fractured. It also shows that coroners came to the conclusion that her demise might have been either violent or accidental.

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Shanquella Robinson apparently had a funeral service over the weekend. Last Thursday, her body was transported by air to Charlotte.

Shanquella Robinson Cause Of Death

Atlantoaxial luxation, also known as atlas luxation, is a disease where the first two neck vertebrae move excessively or unpredictably, according to VCA animal hospitals. The atlas and axis are the names of the first two neck bones. The first bone in the neck, the atlas, is situated closest to the head.

Traumatic injury or a hereditary condition can both lead to atlas luxation. The two bones that are put on the spinal cord must move unstable against one another in order for such an injury to occur.

It’s reasonable to believe that Robinson’s injuries were from her companion physically assaulting her. Robinson can be seen in the now-famous social media video being stripped down and repeatedly thrashed by her pal.

The people she traveled with recorded the incident on camera and applauded the attacker. In the footage, a man can be heard urging, “At least fight back,” at one point.

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