Police Say There is No Ongoing Threat After a Shooting At an Oregon Hotel

There was a shooting at a hotel in Portland, Oregon, and two individuals were killed, according to the police. Police from the Port of Portland responded to a gunshot at the Embassy Suites Portland Airport Hotel at about 2 a.m. local time on Wednesday.

The deaths of a man and a woman have been confirmed, authorities said. No one knows who they are because their identities have not been verified.

“There is no ongoing threat to the PDX airport or the surrounding area at this time,” the Port of Portland Police said.

The situation is being looked into at the moment. According to KATU, an ABC affiliate in Portland, guests at the hotel reported hearing at least a dozen gunshots and seeing blood on the floor before being led out by police.

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Shooting At an Oregon Hotel
Shooting At an Oregon Hotel

Bloodcurdling screams from both men and women, Gailen David told KATU. I overheard the police commanding everyone to return to their rooms.

In the midst of the police response, the entrance to the hotel, which is close to Portland International Airport, was cordoned off with yellow crime scene tape. Police were also observed conducting interviews with blanket-clad visitors.

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