Shooting In Tallahassee Kills 1, Injures 8

Police in Tallahassee said that a shooting late on Saturday night resulted in at least one death and eight injuries.

Before midnight on West Pensacola Street, police shot and arrested a guy they believed to be connected to the incident. Although three persons are now in police custody, no arrests have been made.

Shooting In Tallahassee Kills 1, Injures 8
Shooting In Tallahassee Kills 1, Injures 8

At a news conference on Sunday morning, Tallahassee Police Chief Lawrence Revell stated, “There were dozens and dozens of bullets that rang out from this, and we’ll continue to collect the information that’s required to fit all the pieces together, so there might be more.”

In the midst of an incredible volume of shooting, Revell recalled, “these police raced into it.”

A news statement said that while police were maintaining crowd control on West Pensacola Street near the Florida State University campus on Saturday night, “several persons inside the masses” opened fire between Half Time Liquors and Los Compadres.

That whole thing happened at once,” Revell added. There seem to be other places implicated, but we still think this is an isolated incidence.

An officer discovered a male victim near Half Time Liquors who was pronounced dead at the spot.

According to TPD spokeswoman Heather Merritt, five additional males and three women in the crowd were shot and sent to area hospitals for treatment of injuries ranging from mild to severe.

There were a total of 10 victims, including the shooter.

On West Pensacola Street in Tallahassee, police are responding to a gunshot.

According to Revell, “we do not think at this moment there will be any further deaths.” However, “you simply don’t know” because of variables such as the location and severity of wounds and the path and impact of bullets.

According to Merritt, there were a lot of people about.

Danny Chichester, who was working as a rideshare driver in the neighborhood at the time of the event, claimed that he had “never seen that many TPD, sheriff’s [deputies], TFD, and EMTs.” Chichester also remarked that many locals were decked up in Halloween costumes or school colors for the Saturday home football games at Florida State and Florida A&M.

According to police, they saw a guy fire shots into a throng at a McDonald’s and ordered the suspect to down his firearm. Afterward, they shot the guy and took him into custody.

According to what Revell stated during the news conference, the suspect’s injuries are not life-threatening. His lower back, posterior, and proximal hamstring were all shot. In accordance with policy, the cops who fired their weapons at the subject have been put on administrative leave.

What kind of firearms were utilized are still a mystery. The apprehended suspect was armed with a weapon.

Two other people were apprehended for completely separate reasons. The three suspects, the police said, all have local connections.

“In the event of an active shooter scenario, we practice going in to end the danger. And that’s just what our police officers did here “To quote Revell:

West Pensacola Street was closed by police between Stadium Drive and White Drive as they looked into a reported shooting.

Tallahassee’s mayor, John Dailey, took to Twitter to express his satisfaction with the police department’s handling of the situation: “I appreciate the swift action taken by the courageous officers of the Tallahassee Police Department. The well-being of others is more important to them than their own.

They dove right into the action, even risking their lives to get to the victim. Their prompt action rendered one suspect incapacitated, averted more injuries, and resulted in the arrest of three others. You have to give them credit for being so courageous.”

Kristin Dozier, a commissioner in Leon County, also took to Twitter to express her sadness at the “devastating news.”

We appreciate the swift response of all of our first responders, especially our Leon County EMS, who reacted to this unfortunate occurrence, she wrote early Sunday.

The nine people who were hurt and the one who died last night are in our prayers.

Even if no one is killed, USA TODAY considers any shooting in which four or more people are injured to be a mass shooting. In order to be considered a mass slaughter, at least four persons must be murdered.

This is the deadliest shooting in the nation’s capital since the two-person Hot Yoga shooting in 2018.


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