Southern California Man Creates Micronation: Slowjamastan, After Visiting All the Countries, He Built His Own

Randy “R Dub!” Williams, a radio DJ, has embarked on a unique endeavor by establishing his own micronation called Slowjamastan on an 11-acre piece of land in Southern California. Williams, who claims to have visited every country in the world, including North Korea, decided to create his own country in Imperial County.

Slowjamastan’s foundation, vision, and governmental structure are distinctive and reflect Williams’ values, aspirations, and everyday frustrations while growing up in America. In an interview with KCAL News, Williams described his micronation as a reflection of his personal beliefs and the annoyances he encountered.

The tweet below is from the Republic of Slowjamastan:

The country has certain requirements for its residents, such as eating string cheese in a specific manner and refraining from taking the last slice of pizza during work functions. Williams also expressed a desire for Slowjamastan to be a place free from what he considers fashion blunders, particularly the footwear he dislikes, such as “Crocs.”

Interestingly, Slowjamastan offers citizenship to anyone interested. Those interested can apply for citizenship through the Slowjamastan website, although a visa is required to enter the property.

Randy “R Dub!” Williams’ creation of Slowjamastan showcases his passion for creating a unique and personalized space, inviting individuals to participate in his vision of an alternative nation with its own distinctive customs and regulations.

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