State Police Investigate Deputy’s Deadly Shooting

The death of a man shot by a deputy of the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office in Alexandria on Sunday afternoon has prompted an investigation by the Louisiana State Police.

The incident occurred close to the intersection of Seventh Street and Broadway. The RPSO, the APD in Alexandria, and the LSP all sent several units to the location.

State Police Investigate Deputy's Deadly Shooting
State Police Investigate Deputy’s Deadly Shooting

Following the shooting on Sunday afternoon, RPSO issued a brief statement in which they said the following:

There was a Deputy Involved Shooting at the intersection of 7th Street and Broadway Avenue around 1:30 p.m. today.

“The inquiry will be handled by the Louisiana State Police.”

Although RPSO’s press statement did not specify the victim’s condition after being shot or explain the circumstances leading up to the shooting, KALB was able to establish that the person shot by an RPSO deputy had passed away.
When LSP arrived on the site at 4 p.m., they fielded inquiries and shared the current state of the investigation.

“State Police will be taking care of this crime scene, we will be performing the active investigation, everything will be flowing through us,” said LSP Master Trooper Casey Wallace of Troop E. Assuring a vigorous and complete probe is a top priority, thus we will use all available resource to that end.

LSP’s Crime Scene Unit is its route from Baton Rouge to Alexandria to aid with the investigation, as reported by Master Trooper Wallace; meanwhile, detectives are gathering body cam video, witness statements, and other evidence for their case.

We’re going to make sure that everything is recorded properly. Master Sergeant Wallace said that if it took all night, they would finish the mission. There can be no room for error here.

Col. Lamar Davis, Superintendent of the Louisiana State Police, was joined by Sheriff Mark Wood of the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office, District Attorney Phillip Terrell of the Rapides Parish State’s Attorney’s Office, and APD Chief Ronney Howard shortly after 5 p.m. to provide additional details about the shooting.

Sherriff Wood said that on Sunday morning, he got a text message depicting a group of young guys strolling through the 7th Street and Broadway Avenue neighborhood while carrying what seemed to be extended magazines. Sheriff Wood received the communication and immediately sent more officers to the area.

Whether or whether the guy shot by the RPSO officer was connected to that first picture is unknown, although the incident began with a traffic check. No official explanation for the traffic stop has been provided.

After a “fight,” the RPSO deputy was forced to shoot the suspect, as confirmed by LSP Supt. Col. Davis.

According to the RPSO, the deputy in question is now on administrative leave while LSP conducts an investigation.


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