Suspect Arrested After Threatening Video Locks Down Vian Schools

One school district recently went into lockdown after a social media video with “vulgar, racially-threatening language” was shared.

On January 19, the public was addressed by Sequoyah County Sheriff Larry Lane Jr. regarding an event that led to a lockdown at Vian Public Schools. Around 11:15 a.m., Lane received a call regarding a “disturbing video” that had been shared on social media.

In a Facebook post, Lane stated that the video had a man pointing what seemed to be an AR-15 rifle in the direction of the camera before covering his face with a mask while the text “Heading to the big V” appeared above it.

The sheriff informed Vian Public Schools and Vian police to place the school on lockdown right away. In the interim, Hunter Layne Craighead of Fort Smith, Arkansas, was recognised as the guy.

The Fort Smith police went to the house to try to contact Mr. Craighead after I was able to establish a likely location for him, and they told us that they were unable to reach him, according to Lane.

To meet with Lane, SCSO deputies were instructed to go to Craighead’s house in Fort Smith.

“We found Mr. Craighead there, and he was still in possession of the AR-15 gun that was in the video. Mr. Craighead was at that moment completely cooperative and repentant, “added Lane.

In order to serve a warrant for his arrest, Craighead was taken into custody.

Lane expressed gratitude to parents and Vian residents for their understanding and patience throughout the “hectic and difficult” day.

I would have felt the same as you did, he added, “I know you wanted to run to the school to get your babies out of there.”

He also detailed the stringent procedures that must be followed when locking down a school.

He claimed that the school, Vian police, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, and his deputies had all adhered to his instructions to the letter on this particular day.

Craighead was charged on January 19 with threatening to commit an act of violence, according to online court records.

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