Hate-crime Charges Among the 98 Federal Counts Brought Against the Suspect in the F@tal 2022 California Church Sh*oting

A federal grand jury has charged a man acc*sed of murdering one and wounding five people in a sh*oting at an Orange County, California, the church in 2022. The allegations against him include obstruction of religious freedom and hate cr!mes.

On Wednesday, David Wenwei Chou was indicted in US District Court for the Central District of California on 98 counts related to the May 15, 2022 shooting at the Geneva Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods.

At 69 years old, Chou “allegedly acted because of the victims’ national origin and religion, and he intentionally obstructed the victims’ religious exercise,” according to the US Justice Department.

Chou appeared to a church lunch feast armed with chains and super glue in an attempt to lock the doors from the inside before opening fire on the congregation, many of whom were elderly. Authorities said Chou also possessed a cache of Molotov cocktails and other ammo.

Suspect in Deadly 2022 California Church Shooting
Suspect in Deadly 2022 California Church Shooting

Family physician and athlete Dr. John Cheng, who was visiting his newly bereaved mother, confronted the assailant and was sh*t de@d. The officials claim that his attempts resulted in the gun jamming.

Authorities hailed the 52-year-old Cheng as a hero for stopping more violence after he was pronounced de@d at the church. Six people, including four males (ages 66, 75, 82, and 92) and a woman (age 86), were hurt.

Officials say a pastor used a chair to attack the gunman, and then others hogtied him and removed at least two f!rearms from him. 45 counts of violating the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr.

This is the tweet that is connected to the news that a guy has been charged with murder by a federal grand jury:

Hate Crimes Prevention Act; 6 counts of using a f!rearm during the commission of a violent crime; 1 count of attempting to damage or destroy a building used in interstate commerce by f!re and explosives; and 1 count of carrying explosives while committing a federal felony offense are all included in the federal indictment against Chou.

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Chou’s lawyer, Jennifer Ryan, has been contacted by CNN for comment. The Justice Department has stated that Chou faces the de@th penalty or a term of life in prison without parole if he is found guilty of the federal allegations against him.

According to the Justice Department, Chou was already being held in state jail pending trial on state criminal charges. Last year, he faced multiple m*rder and attempted murder charges in state court.

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