Suspect In Deadly Carjacking And Police Chase Is Also Linked To Fatal Shooting In Reseda

Police say that the same person who is suspected of dragging a carjacking victim to death during a police chase in Los Angeles on Thursday night is also connected to a fatal shooting and robbery that happened in Reseda this summer.

Joshua Reneau, who is 31 years old and from Los Angeles, was caught by police after a violent chase through Hyde Park and Inglewood that ended with a deadly carjacking and several crashes.

The first chase began when police were following Reneau as a passenger in a car because they thought he was involved in a three-month-old robbery and shooting of three people in Reseda.

Thursday morning, police had already arrested two other suspects in the Reseda case and gotten a warrant for Reneau’s arrest for murder.

Detectives were watching his house in the 5900 block of 7th Avenue when they saw him get into the back of a car and drive away.

The car ran away when a marked LAPD car tried to stop it.

During the first chase, the car that was trying to get away quickly hit another car.

Reneau then jumped out of the passenger side and stole an SUV, police say, but the driver got caught in his seatbelt and was dragged along with his own car for almost two miles as Reneau kept running away.

Ron Holloway, who lives in Inglewood, saw the end of the chase happen near his house. He heard sirens and helicopters, and then he saw a big SUV pull a body “like a rag doll” from Florence Avenue to his own street.

“And I see that he’s pulling a dead body,” Holloway said. “His body kind of bounces over the curb there, and he shoots down the street at full speed.”

The SUV was going down the street when it came to a dead end and had to turn around. That’s when the body of the person who was stolen was taken out of the car and put on the ground. Later, paramedics said he was dead at the scene.

The SUV tried to drive around the police cars, but it crashed and ended up on its side.

Police say that the suspect stayed in the car for about two hours and wouldn’t get out. There was a standoff, and the SWAT team and K9 units were called in, but he was taken into custody in the end.

After that, the suspect was getting care for his injuries. The dead carjacking victim has not been named yet because his family needs to be told.

The driver of the car in the first chase, Jamal Sutherland, 34, of Los Angeles, was caught and identified. He was arrested and charged with felony evasion without bail. Neosha Reneau, 33, was a passenger in the car. She had a warrant for a misdemeanor, and her bail was set at $1,000.

On July 29, three people were shot and robbed during the Reseda incident.

Two people were shot and hurt just after midnight in the 18500 block of Sherman Way. This was part of a street robbery where the victim’s jewelry was stolen.

Shortly after that, police found a third person who had been shot in the 18300 block of Saticoy Street. The person was taken to the hospital by paramedics, where he was pronounced dead. He was later found to be 32-year-old Earl Hunter.

Police say that three men, two of whom were carrying handguns, robbed a woman on the street and took two necklaces from her.

The suspects were later found by the police. Derek Hall, 28, of West Covina, and Miracole Brown, 20, of South Los Angeles, were arrested on murder and robbery charges early on Thursday of this week. Bail was set at $2 million for each of them. Police got a warrant for Reneau, and when they tried to catch him, he ran away and stole a car.

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